Out: May 10th, 2024
Playing time: 53:14

Once again, a Symphonic Metal band from Italy. Rossometile were founded almost thirty years ago in Salerno. Led by singer Ilaria Hela Bernardini and guitarist and founding member Rosario Runes Reina, the band has created a sound that is a mixture of symphonic majesty and the raw power of Metal. With drummer Gennaro Rino Balletta, a second founding member is also on board. ‘Gehenna’ is already the band’s seventh album.

The title track ‘Gehenna’ offers plenty of bombast and operatic vocals. But singer Ilaria Hela Bernardini not only sings in the high soprano range, but also and above all in the mid-range. And yes, the basic orientation is of course Metal. And the lyrics are written in their native language. ‘Voci Dal Deserto’ is a quiet instrumental interlude. Before ‘Magdalena’ gets heavier again, but not much faster. Strings and piano dominate this power ballad. ‘Pasionaria (Frida)’ is then a little more Metal and with a higher tempo. Even ‘Sangue E Seduzione’ remains relatively calm, although the guitars kick in with hard riffs. Later, the synths come in, as is usual with many Italian bands. The next ballad follows with ‘La Rosa D’inverno’. Ilaria’s vocals are accompanied by electric piano sounds. ‘Dat Melti Min Modir’ is another short interlude, but this time not instrumental, but a Capela. This is followed almost seamlessly by ‘Valhalla’. But contrary to what the title suggests, it remains calm and contemplative here too. In ‘Stella Del Mattino’ there are riffs again, but also very melodic guitar hooks. The chorus invites you to sing along. ‘Geminus’ starts with industrial synth sounds. Later, some hard riffs are added. However, the vocals are once again as sugar-sweet as ever. The highlight of the album is probably the ten-minute epic ‘Duet With Satan’. Of course, bombastic choruses and keyboard sounds can also be heard here. But the riffs and drums provide a basic metallic orientation. And thanks to the frequent melody and rhythm changes, the song has a slightly progressive edge. The middle section in particular sounds very hectic. The album ends with the ballad ‘The Dying Mermaid’.

‘Gehenna’ offers an excess of symphonic bombast. And, in my opinion, a little too little Metal. Only now and again do the Italians conjure up the hammer. Otherwise, there are a lot of contemplative melodies. The lyrics of the songs are largely written in the local language, which adds an exotic touch. But that’s not enough for a very good rating. But I think fans of symphonic rock/metal will get their money’s worth.

Rossometile – Sangue e Seduzione:


Ilaria Hela Bernardini – Vocals, Piano
Rosario Runes Reina – Guitars
Pasquale Pat Murino – Bass
Gennaro Rino Balletta – Drums

Track list:

  • Gehenna
  • Voci Dal Deserto
  • Magdalena
  • Pasionaria (Frida)
  • Sangue e Seduzione
  • La Rosa d’Inverno
  • Dat Melti Min Modir
  • Valhalla
  • Stella del Mattino
  • Geminus
  • Duet With Satan
  • The Dying Mermaid
  • Overall Rating - 7/10


Disturbingly Good


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