Severed Angel
Severed Angel
Label: Sliptrick Records
Out: May 2nd, 2023
Playing time: 44:03

Severed Angel from Levittown (New York, United States) are still a young band. Founded only in 2022, the musicians immediately began song writing. The self-titled debut album contains the first nine original compositions. In addition, there is the Ghost cover “Square Hammer”. The entire production process from song writing to the final mastering took only three months. The album was (almost) completely self-produced. The Latvian label Sliptrick Records was won for the release.

“Introspection” is once again a superfluous one and a half minute intro. Keyboard sounds, melodic guitars and spoken words. The album really begins with “In The Red”. And that really bangs out of the speakers. Although for my taste the keyboards push themselves a little too much into the foreground. With “Dogs Of War” you can hear banging riffs. The band really picks up speed. Nevertheless, this song is also very melodic. Alex Repetti shows how changeable his voice is. The band-named title song “Severed Angel” is a sugar-sweet ballad. With a beautiful guitar solo. “A New Beginning” starts as calmly as the predecessor ended. But this calmness is only short. Later, the rhythm section kicks in with full force, but without picking up the tempo at first. Memories of Savatage come to mind. “Wide Awake In Screamland” ends the contemplative phase. Here the US boys really get going again. Very good guitar hooks. And with “Attachment Unavailable” it gets even faster. In the meantime, the keyboards also sound more unagitated than at the beginning. Imaginative, the eighth track is called “Number 8”. Thrash and Power Metal elements come into play here. The more than seven-minute epic “With Wings Anew” virtually forms the closing point of the regular part. An epic Power Metal hymn. I see the Ghost cover “Square Hammer” more as an encore. Here, Severed Angel have kept strongly to the original. An atmospheric finale with a huge guitar solo.

The debut of Severed Angel is more than successful, apart from the intro, which in my opinion is dispensable. And with the exception of two songs, the Americans really do put the pedal to the metal on this album. It is fun. Among the regular songs there is not a single failure. Keep it up!

Severed Angel – In The Red:


Alex Repetti – Vocals, Guitar
Lou Mavs – Guitar, Vocals
George Dimitri – Bass
Marc Muchnik – Keyboards
Wayne Noon – Drums

Track list:

  • Introspection
  • In The Red
  • Dogs Of War
  • Severed Angel 
  • A New Beginning
  • Wide Awake In Screamland
  • Attachment Unavailabl
  • Number 8
  • With Wings Anew
  • Square Hammer
  • Album - 9/10
  • Cover Art - 8/10
  • Songwriting - 8/10


Disturbingly Good


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