Out : January 20, 2023
Playing Time : 14:19

Stormbreaker are a new band from Finland, founded in 2021. Originated from a solo project of singer Petri Tarvainen. In the meantime, the band is a sextet with a vocal double lead. The members have played in several other bands before. And can therefore claim a lot of experience. After the self-titled single (November 2022), the debut EP “Vengeance” was released in January.

The already released single “Stormbreaker” is right at the beginning of the EP. Here, the Finns really go off. First with the growls of Petri Tarvainen, which are later joined by the melodic vocals of Anni Kokkonen. They are driven by fast drums and guitar riffs. The guitar solo also comes from the high-speed Metal realm. The song lives up to its title and the band’s name. “Silence = Death” starts hardly less energetic. Double bass attacks can be heard until Petri proves that he also feels comfortable in clear vocals. But he still returns to his growls again and again. Here, too, a guitar solo crowns the song. Synths open “Throne”. Here the tempo is slowed down a bit and more is done for the melodic background. Finally, “The Crimson Eyes” rocks lively away.

FFO: Arch Enemy, Beast In Black, Nightwish

you can read in the accompanying text. OK, for Arch Enemy there are too few evil growls, for Nightwish too few symphonic sounds. But Stormbreaker are somewhere in the intersection of these three bands. Whereby I would rather tend towards Sonata Arctica. After all, they play heavier than Beast in Black. But what’s the point of such a pigeonhole classification. The important thing is that you can listen to well-made Melodic Heavy Metal. Unfortunately, only for a little more than fourteen minutes. But I hope that the band is already working on a full-length album.

Stormbreaker – Stormbreaker:


Tatu Heikkinen – Bass
Sami Ratilainen – Drums
Tomi Virtanen – Guitars
Jaakko Kauppinen – Guitars
Petri Tarvainen – Vocals
Anni Kokkonen – Vocals

Track list:

  • Stormbreaker
  • Silence = Death
  • Throne
  • The Crimson Eyes
  • Overall Rating - 8.5/10


Disturbingly Good


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