Tanzwut – Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück

Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück
NoCut / SPV
May 28th, 2021

Tanzwut are among the pioneers of German-language Medieval Rock. The band was founded by the singer Teufel at the end of the nineties of the last century. In 1999, the self-titled debut album was released. After that, things continued in quick succession. The bards followed up at regular intervals. Each of these albums entered the German Top Hundred. During this time, the band’s line-up also changed, so that the singer is the only remaining founding member. Tanzwut put on spectacular live shows. With elaborate outfits and choreographies. Now it’s time to listen to the band’s now tenth album “Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück”.

The title song “Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück” is also right at the beginning. Neue Deutsche Härte meets Medieval Rock. Although I don’t really like the first, in this mixture it somehow fits together. Especially because the bagpipes shape the sound considerably. Two “typical” Medieval Rockers (“Feine Menschen”, “Bis zum Meer”) follow. Especially the second one I like very much. The song sounds exactly as I got to know this scene many years ago. After that, you can hear a collaboration with Saltatio Mortis. In “Pack” there is a small Wild West feeling. Slide guitars at the beginning, later good mood rock. And the typical saloon fiddles. Would you like some Irish whiskey to go with it? Variety is very important on this album. Thus, “Die Geister die wir riefen” could have been performed in a Varieté. Later, with “Narziss” and “Schwarze Löcher”, typical folk-rock songs follow again, as they could also be played at a medieval market. With “Auf Messers Schneide”, the bagpipes provide a lot of pressure, supported by hard guitar riffs. The melancholic sounding folk ballad “Allein” then follows as a calming pole. Many artists have created a danceable, rocking declaration of love to “Berlin”. But probably rarely with lyrics that don’t contain the usual adulation.

A fresh breeze is blowing in Medieval Rock. This is how you could describe the album “Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück”. And it is all the more astonishing that a long-standing band has succeeded in reviving this currently somewhat ailing genre. The lyrics are sometimes serious, sometimes cheerful. The tightrope walk between fun and thought-provoking music is very successful. Chapeau!

Tanzwut – Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück (Official Video): https://youtu.be/VY78jhCVgK0


Teufel – Vocals
Der Zwilling – Bass
Shumon “Zack” – Drums
Pyro – Bagpipe
Bruder Schlaf – Bagpipe
Alexius – Keyboard
Dave Tea – Bagpipes, Guitar

Track list:

  • Die Tanzwut kehrt zurück
  • Feine Menschen
  • Bis zum Meer
  • Pack feat. Saltatio Mortis
  • Die Geister die wir riefen
  • Johann
  • Narziss
  • Schwarze Löcher
  • Auf Messers Schneide
  • Allein
  • Berlin
  • Virus
  • 8/10
    Album - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Cover-Art - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Song Writing - 9/10