Released March 17th 2017… This album is the second full-length by this five-piece “The Devil and the almighty blues”, from Oslo Norway, including 6 songs and total of 47 minutes. Since their self-titled debut in 2015 the band has taken a step further into the world of classic stoner/heavy rock. Let´s take a closer listen to this… Get ready for the psychedelic, thick retro sounds as these guys take You to a trip to remember.

Right from the start, almost 11 minutes “These old hands”, show these guys surely know how to tie all the different influences into a tight package, making a little masterpiece with so many different layers… Like 1 song having several parts and the shifting between these parts so damn easy, accurate and fluent. Rock, blues, several minutes pure jamming instrumental parts… And just as You think the journey is about to end, think again… Back to the chorus just to seal the deal. What a way to start.

Next ones, “North road” and “When the light dies” are much more of a classic blues songs, While listening to those You can almost feel the sadness, melancholy, pain running through Your mind… So full of different emotions. It’s like a journey You make on Your own, alone in a dark and cold world.

“Low” and “How strange the silence” are the songs in this which You just have to listen to again and again… Both starting quiet, maintaining pretty slow tempo but getting louder and stronger step by step… Again filled with several layers, different song structures, psychedelic solos/instrumentals, soulful vocals… All in a perfect harmony.

The last one in this album “Neptune brothers” is a bit different, right from the start having a bit higher tempo, little aggression, more straight forward classic rock influences. But as usual with this band, a slower middle section… A bit jamming and calming down before the storm.

Overall… This band is just like a well oiled machine, just keeps going and going, the chemistry between the members is just incredible. This is the kind of music that comes from the heart and soul. The album itself shows everyone that a little time travelling is a perfect way to spend some time… This kind of “retro” blues-based stoner/acid/psychedelic rock will never die, thanks for bands like The Devil and the Almighty Blues”.

I personally recommend this album (and the previous one of course) to everyone who is into this kind of music… To those who are not, my suggestion… Take some time of Your own, close the door, shut down the lights, crab a beer or two, turn up the volume and just sit back and relax… Won´t be disappointed. Rating 9/10

Santtu “Rebel” Kaskela / MHF Magazine

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