“Pillorian-Obsidian Arc” CD-REVIEW by Geir Olaisen

In this issue of MHF magazine i have reviewed two band from Portland

When Agalloch dissband alot of fans including me where very dissapointed, but now John Haughm frontman of Agalloch back with a new band and like Agalloch this is is atmospheric black metal. Pillorian is a litle darker and heavier than Agalloch was, but you can recognize the sound and elements from the Agalloch era.

The band consist of  John Haughm, Stephen Parker (Maestus) and Trevor Matthews (Uada).

This album is genuin great and fans of Agalloch im pretty sure will love this. A strong debut.

The material on this album is more varied than Agalloch was. Favorite track is Dark is the River of Man.

Rating : 10/10

1.By the Ligth 08:22
2.Archaen Divinity 06:44
3.The Vestige of Thorns 08:45
4.Forged Iron Crucible 07:08
5.A Stygian Pyre 05:10
6.The Sentient Arcanum 02:43
7.Dark is the River of Man 09:31

Geir Olaisen / MHF Magazine

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