“Uada-Devoid of light” CD-REVIEW by Geir Olaisen

From Portland Oregon comes Uada, and the band was founded in 2014 by  Mike Beck -Bass. Trevor Matthews -Drums, James Sloan-Guitars and Jake Superchi-vocals guitars.

Devoid of light is their debut album. This is great melodic black metal and this album got me hooked instantly ,its one of the best debut albums i heard in a very long time.

I can recommend this album on the warmest to anyone who like black metal, This album has both elements of tradidional  and melodic black metal and is very catchy and atmospheric.

Rating : 9/10

1.Natus Eclipsim
2.Devoid of Light
4.Our Pale Departure
5.Black Autumn, White Spring

Geir Olaisen / MHF Magazine

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