Thundermother – Heat Wave Deluxe Edition

Heat Wave Deluxe Edition
AFM Record
May 21, 2021
49:24 / 35:58

Almost one year ago, the four power women of Thundermother released the fourth album in the band’s history, “Heat Wave”. Number 6 in Germany, number 8 in Sweden and number 15 in Switzerland were the deserved success for this masterpiece. Unfortunately, the tour for the album was cancelled due to the Corona pandemic. However, a few concerts took place under strict hygiene guidelines. To shorten the waiting time for more concerts, the musicians have put together a Deluxe Edition for their fans. In addition to the complete album, there are ten previously unreleased tracks on the bonus CD.

I had already reviewed the actual album “Heat Wave”. I have nothing to add to that. Except that I still find it outstanding today. Maybe I should have given the one missing point for the highest rating. So let’s listen to what the bonus CD has to offer. The first three songs offer the usual Thundermother full service. Powerful sound with the great metal voice of Guernica Mancini. You can often sing along to the choruses after just a few plays (“The Road Is Ours”). And mastermind Filippa Nässil shines again and again with ingenious guitar solos. Plus fun Rock’n’Roll as heard in “Show Me What You Got”. The three acoustic songs provide pure goose bumps. For “Sleep”, none other than D-A-D singer Jesper Binzer could be won as a partner for Guernica. Of course, the songs of the four girls are not only intended for the studio. The three concert recordings show that Thundermother also really go wild live. Illustrious guests can also be heard on the closing song “Rock’n’Roll Heaven”. Guitarist Andreas Tyrone Svensson aka Andreas Tyrone Dregen aka Dregen (Backyard Babies, Hellacopters) and Bonafide singer Pontus Snibb are also on board.

OK, the album cover is a bit more cheesy than on the original. However, musically the bonus CD is at its best. Whether heavy studio productions, acoustic or live. Thundermother can convince all along the line. Every metal fan who doesn’t own “Heat Wave” yet should think about buying it now at the latest. But thanks to the bonus disc, owners of the first edition should also consider a purchase. The four Swedes certainly deserve it.

THUNDERMOTHER – You Can’t Handle Me:


Filippa Nässil – Guitar
Guernica Mancini – Vocals
Emlee Johansson – Drums
Majsan Lindberg – Bass

Label: AFM Records

VÖ: May 21st, 2021

Playing time: 49:24 / 35:58

Track list:

CD 1

  • Loud And Alive
  • Dog From Hell
  • Back In ‘76
  • Into The Mud
  • Heat Wave
  • Sleep
  • Driving In Style
  • Free Ourselves
  • Mexico
  • Purple Sky
  • Ghosts
  • Somebody Love Me
  • Bad Habits

CD 2

  • The Road Is Ours
  • Show Me What You Got
  • You Can´t Handle Me
  • Driving In Style (Acoustic)
  • Dog From Hell (Acoustic)
  • Sleep (Feat. Jesper Binzer) (Acoustic)
  • Give Me Some Lights (Live)
  • Thunderous (Live)
  • Hellevator (Live)
  • Rock’n’Roll Heaven (feat. Dregen & Pontus Snibb)