Violet Blend
Live And True
Label: Eclipse Records
Out: October 27th, 2023
Playing time: 59:26

According to the press release, there are now only three of them. The Italian Alternative Metal band Violet Blend. Since their last album “Demons”, guitarist Daniele Cristellon has apparently left the band. Now the musicians have released a live album. It was not clear from the press releases when the show took place. I did a little research. I think it was the gig at the Viper Theatre in Florence on April 22nd, 2023. It is also unclear who replaced the guitarist here. The songs from “Live And True” were recorded by Andrea Dell’Olio and Furio Lanciano. The former was also responsible for mixing and mastering at the Soundscape Studios in Florence.

The live show starts with the opener “Rock DJ” from the last studio album. The sound is good and the audience reactions are also well captured. Whether it’s the rhythmic clapping or the applause after every song. Speaking of “Demons”, apart from “Muoio in un Bicchiere” and “In Mezzo ai Folli”, all the songs from the album were presented, mixed with older songs. With “He Said He Was Pregnant” was also a song from the EP “Venus” in the set list, which was released under the former name “Violet”. The crowning finale of the show was the canzone “La Donna Mobile” from the opera “Rigoletto” by Giuseppe Verdi. During this song, the band was also introduced, but in Italian.

“Live And True” is an impressive showcase of the work of the band from Florence. Anyone who likes the studio recordings should also buy this live recording. The only downer is that the album was conceived entirely for an Italian audience. One or two comments in English would have been desirable.


Giada Celeste Chelli – Lead Vocals, Piano, Orchestration
Ferruccio Baroni – Bass
Michel Agostini – Drums

Track list:

  • Rock DJ
  • Funeral of Love
  • You, Me and the Alcohol
  • He Said He Was Pregnant
  • Among All These Fools
  • Venus Mask
  • I’m Only Happy When I’m Drunk
  • Need
  • Smell Like the Hospitals
  • A Part of Me
  • Morning
  • Every Time (We Say Goodbye)
  • Letargo
  • Pale
  • Pray
  • Earth
  • La Donna Mobile


Disturbingly Good


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