Red Dragon
Scarlet Records
Out: May 20th, 2022
Playing time: 39:04

Since the debut “Crimson” there has been a change in Volturian’s line-up. The new man on drums is Andrea Zannin, an old friend who is also active with Eternal Silence. I liked the debut of the Milanese band quite a lot.  An interesting mixture of Classical Symphonic Metal and Electronic Dance/Techno sounds. However, the Metal clearly dominates. This is the trademark of the band formed in Milan in 2019. In addition, Federica Lanna offered a very good vocal performance.  So, I was curious to see how the quartet used the Corona time to produce the follow-up “Red Dragon”.

A two-minute intro with almost forty minutes of total playing time. That’s exactly what “Rebirth” is. Instrumental with synths, Industrial and Techno elements, but also a powerful bass drum. Sounds worse than it really is. But already in “Stay” there is more – more Metal, more Symphonic, more melody and above all more vocals. A pushing double bass provides a rhythmic underpinning. Speaking of vocals. Unlike many of her genre colleagues, Federica Lanna doesn’t try to strain the operatic soprano at all. “Harley” starts with threatening riffs. But as soon as the vocals start, the harshness is turned down a bit. Here, as with many other songs, you can quickly sing along to the refrain. Again, Techno synths, at least in the first bars of “Empty World”. And thus, only briefly, before heavy riffs again lead over to the calm vocal part. But the synths come back later and provide an 80s Trance feeling before Federico Mondelli blasts out a short guitar solo. Federico also contributes the synthesizer sounds on “Torn Asunder”. Eighties Disco-Pop with everything that belongs to it. Rhythmic drums, rumbling bass, pizzicato synths and sugar-sweet vocals. But actually, Volturian play Metal. So we return to these realms on “Burn It Up”. The vocals are accompanied by pumping bass lines for long stretches. Distant Caress” features unusual instrumentation, electronic gimmicks accompany Federica’s vocals, which are partly haunting, partly seductive and sometimes turn into a whisper. This is probably more of an interlude, a lead into “Bury Me”. This song also starts with synth and calm vocals. Later, drums and guitars are added. The synth sounds keep coming to the fore throughout the song. But then it gets heavier again. In “Freeze” the guitars really roast, at least at the beginning, drums and bass set a high tempo. Unfortunately, you can’t hear any more heavy riffs in succession. A pity, actually. But again, bass lines are in the foreground. And a great guitar solo. As the album began so it ends, instrumentally. “Descent” is dominated by electronic gimmicks and synth sounds.

It looks like Volturian have found their own niche in Pop-heavy Symphonic Metal. There is not much left of the Amaranthe leanings from the debut. A clear further development compared to “Crimson”. The musical performance of the instrumentalists is indisputable. The crowning glory, however, is Federica Lanna’s varied vocals. It can go on like this.

Volturian – Harley (Official Video): https://youtu.be/YrY8LsByTrc


Federica Lanna – Vocals
Federico Mondelli – Guitar, Keyboards
Massimiliano Rossi – Bass
Andrea Zannin – Drums

Label: Scarlet Records

Out: May 20th, 2022

Playing time: 39:04

Track list:

  • Rebirth
  • Stay
  • Harley
  • Empty World
  • Torn Asunder
  • Burn It Up
  • Distant Caress
  • Bury Me
  • Freeze
  • Descent
  • Album - 8/10
  • Cover-Art - 9/10
  • Songwriting - 9/10


Disturbingly Good


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