Brooklyn’s genre-defying, experimental heavy rock band HUSBANDRY has released a new video for their track “Ghostload” from their recent, 2nd full-length album, A Port In A Storm. The record released late last year will get its vinyl debut on limited edition colorways (100 x Orange/Oxblood; 150 x Baby Blue/Bone) this Friday, January 24th via Static Era Records. Pre-orders are available now at

“”Ghostload” is primarily a commentary on the influence that guns, violence, and toxic masculinity has on society. While discussing the serious notion that all three might equate to power, it is meant to be sarcastic, observational and even a bit tongue in cheek. It also speaks on the desensitizing effect the exploitative nature of media has on the public as a whole with regards to the people on the receiving end of these phenomena.” – Carina Zachary

About Husbandry:
Think of the New York City quartet’s 2nd full length, A Port In A Storm, as a refuge from the miasma of copycat metal bands and retro lifestylers who think dressing like their heroes and social media prowess are worthy substitutes for songcraft.

Husbandry’s debut LP Fera was a critically acclaimed but often overlooked masterpiece, filled with songs that moved seamlessly from jagged riffs to soaring hooks. The band’s most recent EP, Bad Weeds Never Die, reaffirmed and refined the Fera sound. With Bad Weeds Never Die, Husbandry firmly established themselves as high-order aesthetic risk takers as well as a band that’s only getting better at penning songs you couldn’t shake if you tried.

The title of their new full-length A Port In A Storm reflects the band’s desire to work – to focus all their energy on performing and perfecting songs, and to use their utterly unique concoction of post-hardcore, pop, noise rock and bone-crunching heavy metal as a vehicle for escape from everything else in their lives. They huddled together, collectively decided to throw caution to the wind, and harnessed the virtuoso powers they possess to fully embrace their knotty, contradictory and nearly unclassifiable music. The result is the most insane, most “Husbandry” release of their career. It’s the best of both worlds – every minute of this record is an absolute blast, yet none of it seems unexamined or thrown together, even when chaos and noise do battle over immense vocals. Each arrangement is precise, every riff designed for total impact, every melody and harmony engineered to live forever in your head. Shifting tectonic plates of caustic noisy space rock give way to unstoppably catchy heavy metal grooves, which eventually lead the listener to more cacophonous, dizzying math rock push and pull.

This all happens while Carina Zachary – who possesses one of the most relentlessly urgent voices in all of the American heavy underground – is piling haunting neo-soul vocal hook after vocal hook upon this post hardcore earthquake. The result is pure heavy rock bliss, even if that particular genre-smashing journey only really describes one song, the incendiary, grinding “Bete Noire.” Husbandry’s relentless spirit of permutation and purposeful vacillation should challenge any new fan looking for a sonic peer – latter day Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon offer some similarities, but neither of those bands could reach the mountain where Carina croons atop the riff rock maelstrom laid down by Jordan Usatch (guitar), Arnau Bosc (bass/vocals) and Andrew Gottlieb (drums). No other band has this harrowing, beautiful war cry voice twisting and turning over three hyperactive musicians constantly trying to outdo each other, always in the service of a tremendously catchy song. And certainly no band would throw a free jazz saxophone solo into one of their biggest and most triumphant tracks at the least expected moment, as Husbandry dares to do in “Smile With Teeth.” Of course they make it work, they always do. And for the sake of the heavy music underground scene, let’s hope they keep working for years to come.

A Port In A Storm was produced by Husbandry and will be self-released. It was engineered, mixed and mastered by Anthony Lopardo and Moon Tooth’s Ray Marte at Westfall Recording Studios.

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