SUNKEN to Chelf’s Rescue

It was a hectic Tuesday afternoon and I was drowning in a sea of emails when I received the perfect soundtrack for autumn. SUNKEN’s Livslede was sent to me exactly when I needed my faith in music to be restored. Intense, thorough and honest, this release will take you on an emotional journey through anxiety, self-hatred and hopelessness, all the way to the other side, where it’s ok to dive into all of the above and come out clean and relieved.

The following interview is your chance to get to know Sunken better.

Welcome to MHF Magazine.

Fill your glasses, put your feet up and let’s have a chat.

Thank you for having us! This is Simon Skotte Krogh, guitarist of Sunken.

I’ll have what you are having. What are we drinking?

It’s early morning here in northern Denmark, so I’m currently enjoying my mandatory morning coffee.

How stereotypically Danish are you? Any interesting Danish habits that you have?

I’d say I’m to some extent stereotypically Danish, and to some extent not. I love the outdoors and camping trips in the nearby area, from the farm at which I reside. This, as well as Danish misanthropic mentality, would be regarded as stereotypical.

What’s a metalheads way to hygge?

The whole concept behind the word “hygge” has been made out to be a bigger deal than what it really is. It is really just a word to describe a setting, where a person or multiple persons are having a good time. Head to the woods, light up a bonfire, bring some craft beers and a guitar, and you would have a great setting for this!

What classical pieces would you add to a Spotify playlist titled “Depressive Music for Metalheads”?

Bands high on my list, if I’m looking for depressive music is Nyktalgia, Life Neglected, Nortt, Abyssic Hate, Moëvöt etc.

Would you care to attempt to describe Livslede in a single sentence?

A sorrowful journey, through the depraved and fragile human mind.

Let’s talk anxiety. Why in your opinion is it spreading so fast in the modern world? Is music therapeutic?

Music is very therapeutic, for any type of mental illness. And I think for me personally, depressive music is the most calming type of music there is.

I think anxiety is spreading so fast in the modern world, due to humanity’s distant relationship with nature, as well as a world that is, generally speaking, moving too fast with no clear direction.

Describe a typical work day in your life as a band, please.

Right now, we live in four different parts of Denmark, so we haven’t had a ‘typical workday’ for years. We tend to work online a lot and meet up occasionally for rehearsals.

I’m in an emergency and need Sunken to come to my rescue. I have only one phone call. Which band member is most likely to pick up the phone in the middle of the night?

Probably myself or Kasper, due to unemployment. I live alone on a farm, so I have lots of time, however I rarely pick up the phone, unless absolutely necessary. So I’d say Kasper.

The release date is almost here. Do you feel ready?

Definitely! Everything was recorded months ago, so it will be good to finally show what we’ve got for you. Due to the whole COVID-19 situation, shows are scarce, but we will do at least one or two shows, showcasing the new songs.

Until the next one,



Sunken is a Danish atmospheric black metal band formed in 2012. The music is inspired by the ocean, nature and depression. Debut album ‘Departure’ released in May 2017.