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For fans of Dream Theater, Opeth, Symphony X
Hailing from Raleigh, NC, Celaris was forged from the meeting of musical minds Rachel Pappalardo (guitar) and Joshua Rush (drums) in the Spring of 2018. Over the coming months, the duo picked up fellow locals Dan Mungal (bass), Chris Hesla (vocals), and Jon Pearson (guitar), completing their lineup.

Influenced by groups like Veil of Maya, Periphery, ERRA, The Contortionist, and TesseracT, Celaris set out to make a mark on the same scene to make a mark on them.

Their debut album, “In Hiding” (produced by the legendary Jamie King), is the first of many such marks the band hopes to share with the world.
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Album Tracklist:

“In Hiding” released Oct 16th 20201.

A Manifold in Parallel

2. Reprieve, Release

3. Regenerate

4. The Torus Separation

5. Hemostasis

6. Hastur

7. Escharotic

37 minutes 26 seconds
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