Dockerrock – Harmonious/EnergeticRock

Concert Review by Rainer Kerber

Location: Marias Ballroom, Hamburg-Harburg
Date:  March, 24th 2018

About one year ago I first heard of the Hamburg band Dockerrock. A family from the district of Wilhelmsburg with a shared passion – to present handmade rock music in the style of the 80s on stage. Out of a beer mood, a serious rock band emerged. After twenty years as pure cover band, the musicians took the next step. Last year they released the self-titled debut album with their own compositions. And a live performance is certainly more fun, if you can play your own songs as a band. And so I gladly accepted the invitation to the converted Ballroom. The pictures of the evening are available on Flickr.

For this evening Dockerrock had planned two sets to be played one after the other, interrupted by a short break. Shortly after 9:00 pm the intro sounded, followed by the first own song “Everything Is Alright”. Overall, this evening were ten original songs on the set list. You could see that the quintet had a lot fun on stage. The mix of own and cover songs made for a huge atmosphere in front of the stage. No matter if “What’s Up” (4 Non Blonds), “Rebell Yell” (Billy Idol) or the (so far) only German-language song of the band (“Für einen Moment – For a Moment”), the band was really celebrated.

Shortly before the end, there was also a world premiere. With “Appartment No. 4 “was a completely new song played, which will probably be heard later on the second album. Almost traditionally, the regular part of the show ended with ” An Tagen wie diesen “ (On days like this) (Die Toten Hosen). Needless to say that was not the end of the show. The fans vehemently demanded more. Dockerrock said goodbye to their fans with three AC / DC covers. And singer Christina once again showed full vocal effort. If Axl Rose could hear this performance, he would surely eat his heart out.


  • Intro
  • Everything Is Alright
  • Barbecue With Good Friends
  • Gimme Gimme Good Lovin’
  • Best Of Both Worlds
  • You
  • Family Power
  • The Boys Of Summer
  • What’s Up
  • Feel My Rhythm
  • The Wicker Man
  • “Rebell Yell”


  • Still I’m Sad
  • Keep On Rockin’ Me
  • Für einen Moment
  • Too Late For Tears
  • Whole Lotta Love
  • My Support
  • He Is On Fire
  • Appartment No. 4
  • Play Ball
  • Devil Woman
  • Dockerrock
  • An Tagen wie diesen


  • Thunderstruck
  • Highway To Hell
  • High Voltage

That was almost three hours of powerful rock music, three hours of fun. And all with the usual excellent sound. The light show was also very impressive. The Hamburgers have clearly shown that they are now much more than just a cover band. With Dockerrock will be expected in the future. A big thank you also goes to the team of Marias Ballroom, that have made this evening again an experience.

MHF Magazine/Rainer Kerber


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