Since the early summer, I have been following the development of an awesome music and literary project called The Dark Horde. The ringleader is author, “Brewin,” but there are many pieces to this grand aesthetic work. At this point in his journey, there is the completed novel titled The Dark Horde available on Amazon. I have sampled this book and horror fans will be immediately drawn to it.

Long story short, Brewin and his crew (the band shares the title of the book, The Dark Horde”), are currently creating the kick-ass rock album, titled The Calling, to connect with the book as a Prequel. I have been given the opportunity to listen to a couple of cuts off this record, and I assure you, metal maniacs will be extremely pleased. Here is Brewin’s explanation for today’s look into his wonderful, horrific world.

“Dark Horde is a collective of internationally recognised musicians, vocalists and actors from Melbourne, Australia. Together they have created The Calling, a concept album written and directed by Brewin and due for release in October 2021.

The Calling is a musical narrative experience featuring a supernatural horror story set to an “eighties heavy metal” soundtrack. It is the prequel to Brewin’s award-winning horror novel The Dark Horde, set in south-eastern Australia in 1989.

Following up on their first single release ‘Mask’ July 30th 2021, The Dark Horde bring us their second single ‘Childhood’, to be released August 27th 2021, and premiered here on Metalheads Forever.

Where the first single showcased the compelling vocals of Danny Cecati (Wicked Smile, ex-Pegazus, ex-Eyefear) and the dominating riffs of Hanny Mohamed (Black Majesty) and Logan Jacobs, the second single showcases the narrative aspect of the album. Here the main character Henry, narrated by Kevin Powe, begins to tell of how he reached his current point, detailing his childhood and interactions between him as a young child (played by Dexter Seamus) and his mother (played by Jane Brewin). Supporting this tale of supernatural tale of torment and terror is a moody musical backdrop that draws the listener into the story.

Brewin says of the release “I wanted ‘Childhood’ to be the second single not only because it is the track following the first single ‘Mask’ on the album, and therefore shows how the album’s story is told, but also because it demonstrates why this album is so different. Unlike ‘Mask’, ‘Childhood’ is a narrative track with multiple actors but no sung vocals. The album as a whole consists of both “songs” with verse/chord structures and vocalists, and narrative tracks like Childhood where there are different actors. The album weaves these both together to create a captivating journey for the listeners, and one that is unlike any other they’ll have experienced.”


As for my work, I just got a chance to spy the cover for my lifetime collection Dancing With Tombstones, to be released in September, 2021 (no buy link yet). I won’t give it here, but the cover artist actually made a scary clown that looks just like me. There is no better nod in the horror industry than to become one of its monsters!

As for my 4th novel titled The Sculptor, it is due for release September 12th, 2021. Please do me a solid and pre order it! Good scary shit here!


Disturbingly Good


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