The Goblet of Shock

By Michael Aronovitz

Horror Author, College Professor, and Rock Critic

Passion, precision, and poetry. That best describes the band Memoryfield and their collaboration with rock goddess Robyn Cage on their new album titled Lost to the Sea. Not long ago, I wrote an article right here for Metalheads Forever Magazine about their remake of Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream,” and was pleased to see that it is cut number four on the new record. Below you will find my original article and other cool links, as well as the newest single/video Robyn and Memoryfield have released, titled “Back to Light.” Watch it. Trust me, the band is superb. Moreover, I am confident that you will find Robyn’s performance to be chillingly spectacular. The song makes your heart swell. And the lovely vocal layering is the best I have heard since Queen’s A Night at the Opera.

Memoryfield is:

Billy R. Preston: Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keys, Percussion
Juliet Gamero: Keys, Vocals, Vocal Arrangements
Zac Bryant: Drums
Robyn Cage: Vocals Lead and Background

“Back to Light” new Single by Memoryfield with Robyn Cage

My article on Robyn and Memoryfield – Metalheads Forever – 2019

Buy Link for Memoryfield with Robyn Cage – Album Lost to the Sea.

Robyn Cage’s Blog

Memoryfield’s Website

Of course, my usual M.O. for the column is to mix horror with rock, and I have insider’s knowledge that Robyn Cage shares a scare-moment with of all people…Gene Simmons of Kiss! The massive demon-man had his hair flame up on multiple occasions during the fire breathing act at the end of the song “Firehouse.” Concurrently, Robyn was briefly set aflame on the set of the “Back to Light” video, losing an eyebrow and her eyelashes along with some of her bangs. Windy day. Billy R. Preston was spraying lighter fluid on the bonfire and Robyn was standing too close and downwind from it. Cameras were rolling and all of a sudden, she got a giant wall of flame in her face. 

Of course, Robyn survived and still brings down the house with the voice of an angel and the heart of a lioness. I find her performances to be as technically precise as they are daring and passionate. She doesn’t just “perform with emotion,” but rather, she finds a way to tap into yours. A rock star is a shell, often beautiful, no more than a mask. A game changer is a conduit, an interpreter for our feelings, artistry, pain, and discovery.

Robyn Cage and Memoryfield make for the perfect union.

And what a pleasure to go along for the ride.

Now is the time to withdraw to the living room, have a drink, and swap stories. I am totally stoked to tell you that I have two books coming out in early September 2021, one being a lifetime collection titled DANCING WITH TOMBSTONES to be published by Cemetery Dance.

Publications. The other is my fourth novel, a serial killer / mystery piece titled THE SCULPTOR. The pre-order for the novel is available at this link:

“The Sculptor is one of the most grimly terrifying serial killers in recent literature.”—Horror scholar and editor ST Joshi

At age seven, Michael Leonard Robinson commits his first murder, turning tragedy into an aesthetic. By the time he turns eighteen, he has become an expert with computers, gaming systems, and the art of video imaging. And now in his forties, fully realized, he has long erased his digital footprint. He is thirty years ahead of our most advanced scientists, military ops tacticians, and elite information tech specialists. He is a master of disguise. He can invent projected realities.

Of course, Michael Leonard Robinson could work his dark vision on a global scale, yet he doesn’t need “the world” for a fetishistic thrill, just a police captain, his receptionist, a detective, a rookie junior officer, his sister and mother, and a lot of dark theater. 

Robinson appears to these characters in disguise, film clips, and flashes as he torments them. Their multiple viewpoints are puzzle pieces.

When they fuse to finish the puzzle, the final sculpture becomes clear.


Disturbingly Good


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