A chat with Hellriders

Greetings from Metalheads Forever and Colorado!! How are things in your part of the world?

Many greetings to you and we are really honored for this interview!
Things are going quite well all in all, let’s try to resist as best we can during this historical
moment hit by the pandemic.
We look forward to being able to go back to our normal lives and like everyone we can’t wait to
pick up our instruments and go back to making music because you feel really too much his

There wasn’t a lot of biographical information available on you so now is the time to tell world
everything you want us to know. Tell us about the band and your new album “First

Hell Riders were born as a project between old friends and members of an old Italian thrash
metal band called “Beyond Death of Humanity”. Richard, the only true founder and the mind
behind all the songs, wanted to give the project even more so he met Dave Jolly, who turned
out to be a brother as well as a great singer, the project evolved over time taking more and
more shape.
After some turbulence and change of line-up we managed to record our debut album titled
“First Race”, we could not call it otherwise.
The album was released on November 1, 2019 via Volcano Records and promotion.
The news never ends and with the arrival of new important members who have joined the
Riders Family we are ready to roar more than ever

Your sound harkens to the classic Metal bands. Can’t go wrong with that? Early Priest,
Maiden and Metallica come to mind. What are some your influences that may surprise us?

this is a good question, we might surprise you by telling you the nanowar of steel. They are an
Italian band that makes very funny and comical songs all with a powerful sound and a really
good technique

Two band members are from Italy and two are from Switzerland. How did you get together? Are
you in a central location now? What’s your process for getting things done?

The situation has changed over time since the album came out. Unfortunately, the only Swiss
member left is Dave.
We have never been able to get close so we see each other often, our best solution to be able
to carry on the work is to work a lot from home and see at least twice a week in the studio.
We’re a little old-fashioned, making music together over the internet we don’t really like ahahah

“B.T.K.” from First Race is clearly inspired by Dennis Rader, the American serial killer. What drew
you to such subject matter? Can we expect more of this?

The idea was born by chance. Richard was watching a documentary about B.T.K and the story
hit him pretty hard and he decided to make a song out of it.
B.T.K was first written and sung in Italian by Beyond death of humanity, then with the arrival of
Dave was arranged with Richard until the final draft found on first race.
We don’t know for sure what you can expect, certainly in the live will happen something very
scenic, we do not exclude that some other serial killer can peep into our future album.

Musically, what are your backgrounds? Formal lessons? Self-taught? Your dedication to your
craft is quite evident.

Dave has a very classic Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal background. He took lessons in a
singing school in Lugano (Swiss) and continues to take singing courses at Music factory in
Cesano Maderno (Italy).
Richard began his musical career playing bass, then switched to electric guitar. He took lessons
and then continued alone until today where he trains and learns about various books of theory,
composition and technique.
Bobo, the new drummer, from an early age has nurtured interest in music and used ladles, pens
to reproduce catchy rhythms. As for the musical background from an early age I listened to punk
rock, hard rock, nu metal, emo core, heavy metal, progressive metal. All these influences can be
heard live in the next live.

When you’re not working on Hell Riders, what do you do for fun? Any guilty pleasures?
Remember, this is family friendly magazine.

It is always difficult to get away from the Hell Riders, as it always accompanies us in our
everyday life.
Dave works in a security company and in a renowned musical instruments store located in
Camorino (Swiss). In his free time he writes stories and raises freshwater fish.
Richard works for a gardening company and in his free time you read comics, he delights in
cooking (he has worked a lot in catering) and he reads many books about occultism and magic.
Bobo spends his whole days playing drums, loves pounding hides like there’s no tomorrow.
Sara, the new bassist, works as an illustrator and a really nice style, I think you will soon see him
working on the future background of the band.
Dalto, the second new guitarist, works as a painter and also he never gives up his six strings.

Finally, this is where you get to brag about your country. if I were to Visit Italy and Switzerland
(not on the same day), what is the one thing I simply must see?

in a single day it is difficult to visit Switzerland or Italy.
As for Italy wanted to choose something more refined and we recommend the dolomites, the
view you will see is completely another world.
in Switzerland there are many beautiful things to see, but we think you should definitely see the
panorama of the Alps on the Glacier express train.

We thank you for your time. Best wishes from all of us at MHF.

Thank you for this occasion!
We wish you all the best that this year will be full of adventures and new experiences.
stay healthy, stay Rock and of course stay Riders