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  • The band recently shared a two-part mini-documentary, ‘Mystifier – Two days in the Capital of Death Metal,’ (Dois dias na Capital do Metal da Morte) which follows the band in Belo Horizonte (BR) at the start of their “Under the Black Magick Dinasty 2020″ tour. Besides entertainment what other reasons does this kind of content serve? Is it about sharing aspects of your life with your fans so that they feel like they are a part of the process?

Beelzeebubth: This mini documentary was recorded during our two days at Belo Horizonte, for a gig. We tried to revive the Metal Underground scene, in the mid of the 80’s, where young head bangers got together to play extreme music. They cannot imagine how they could influence the world with it. Bands like Sepultura, Sarcófago, Holocausto, Mutilator, and others, were a great starting point for the Underground Heavy Metal Music in Brazil. The legacy of these bands shall keep alive in our minds. We need to discuss about importance of Brazil in the Extreme Metal worldwide. We live in a time, where lies have become true. Well, our fans should hear from us how difficult that period was to. However, we never gave up believing in our convictions. I grew up in another city, but I was following the growth of the Brazilian Heavy Metal scene around.

  • The clips also include behind-the-scenes footage and clips from rehearsals. Some bands are very private about those things as they feel they spoil the mystery around a band. You, on the other hand are very open and sharing. How did you reach this point of confidence that lead you here?

Beelzeebubth: I have no problem doing that shit. As I have said in several interviews, we are not professional musicians who play only for profit. Obviously, money helps a lot to keep the band and musical equipment. We do all this shit out for our passion for Metal Underground culture. There is no secret for those who play with the heart.

  • Let’s talk about ‘Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia,’ which was released by Season of Mist, in March 2019. It’s a Greek title. Loosely translated to primitive black magic dynasty. How did the Greek title came up?

Beelzeebubth: I believe it was due to our relationship with the bastards of Rotting Christ, during an European tour with Inquisition and Schammasch (lol…). But jokes aside, due to my research for something out of the common sense, I ended up coming across these words and putting the puzzle together, I ended up choosing that title for our fifth studio album.

  • Beelzeebubth, you are working on a solo project too. How do you find time to combine both?

Beelzeebubth: Well, it looks like I was predicting something…, when I decided to start all this shit out. This project has been my therapy to fight this pandemic bullshit (lol…). Days and days locked at home, playing, writing, composing and inviting friends to record my songs to help me out with. It will be entitled “Saeculum Obscurum” with four songs. It will be released on the label Brazilian Ritual Records on vinyl format 7 ‘inches, later this year.   

  • On the documentary you mentioned something about that feeling, back then, starting a band with your friends at school. I can see how this early stages of forming a band can be thrilling and exciting. Do you still feel that kind of energy and passion?

Beelzeebubth: Sorry for the sincerity in my words, but I see so much shit on the streets today. Everything is meaningless, many worthless things, no feeling, no spirit… a fuckin’ big empty! It may sound nostalgic or conservative, but I have no hesitation to say that the 21st century sucks! I bring the avant-garde spirit of the ’80s spirit into my fuckin’ twisted guts. I don’t give a fuck!

  • What’s one thing that keeps surprising you in the music industry?

Beelzeebubth: Nothing in special. What bothers me is all that shitty digital recording bullshit! Analog must prevail !;;! (lol…)

  •  Watching the films I realised how much time you guys spent together in small spaces, let it be a tour bus or a tiny studio. How do you manage to keep sane at all times?

Beelzeebubth: Worse than that, it is being locked up at home due to this worldly pandemic shit. In fact, we are reaping the harvest for human impact on the environment. We are a plague! Let’s say that this pandemic was a ‘divine intervention’, which was narrated in any Slayer song (lol…). I cannot wait to get on a plane or bus to make what we are compelled to: play extreme music for all our friends around the world.

  • I also realised that you guys have the entire classic metalhead package going on. From tattoos, to battle vests, band tees and piercings, along with a genuine badass attitude. It got me thinking: How important are these things, the aesthetic part, to the metal community. Is it necessary to make us feel we belong and fit into a certain community?

Beelzeebubth: Yeah, of course, it is. This may be important, but it is not all. Attitude says a lot on this issue. I would not listen to a band just on the aesthetic side… The band’s posture and ideology add a lot to the music, in my opinion.

  • What does the near future hold for the band? Any plans, to-do lists and goals?

Beelzeebubth: We want to release a live album with our old best songs from the first two albums, later this year. It will be a great financial help for us. In addition, we should finish eight fresh songs for our next album in 2021. Hope it will be under Season of Mist yet (if we stay alive till there to – lol…). We are ready to get back our contacts for tours in North America, Asia, Europe, Central America and so on.

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Satanic greetings from Beelzeebubth and Mystifier to all and our European Metal maniacs.

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