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Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, It’s a pleasure to interview you guys. How are you all doing?

Really well! We can’t complain!! Many things are going on and we are really happy that so many people  are interested in our new release !

Ancillotti’s second full length album “Strike Back” is going to be out soon, how are you feeling about the outcome?

We’re absolutely satisfied of this album and our label too!!

Webzines, magazines, and newspapers who were present at the album listening session in Italy have given the album great reviews, but of course we are really curious to see what our fans will say about it!!

I had a chance to listen to the album. I really enjoyed it. Great work guys.

Thank you so much!

I think this time you can really hear that there’s more work in the solos and the guitar composing. You can hear that Bid and Brian grew together …and also amazing lyrics and melodies from Bud and James…Honestly I think that composing has taken a step further.

Can you tell us about the band and how it all began?

Well…we are a true family affair!! ah ah… ANCILLOTTI encompasses the history of Italian heavy metal with its members !

The band was formed around 2011 but over  time we’ve played a lot together

Me and Bud with Strana Officina, Bud and Bid  with the Bud Tribe band and Brian as very special gueancillotti band 2st in many shows and projects with Bud and Bid…The idea was born from Bid and Bud but I think at the end  our paths have merged because it was fate!!

After many years we are here again today with this great band to promote worldwide the new album with so many fans and friends that support us..we are very lucky!!

Metal has refined a lot these days and what was the reason for you guys to stick to the traditional Heavy Metal?

Because we like traditional Heavy Metal!

After many years we still like the anthems and catchy choruses made for singing/shouting along..we like the hammering rhythms, monumental guitar solos and thundering bass and a crashing drum approach and this is exactly what you’ll find on the “Strike Back” album.

Tell us how successful was the predecessor “The Chain Goes On”?

Well…”The Chain Goes On”  was a great success!

It sold very well, considering the times, and the album got amazing reviews from renowned magazines, blogs and websites all over the world and many fans, webzines, magazines, and newspapers elected “The Chain Goes On” one of the best 2014 Heavy Metal albums!

The biggest Rock-radios in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, France, Spain, Greece, UK, Argentina, Belgium, Norway, Japan, USA  played the first single “Bang Your Head” and more tracks from the album. Thanks to the TCGO album we had the chance to start an European tour and we had an amazing reaction everywhere.ancillotti band 3

well..this album really helped expose ANCILLOTTI  to a wider audience.

Since the  new album is going to be out, what are your upcoming plans?

First of all shortly we will release the first promo video for the track “Fight”…our crew is working on the new merch and on October 1th we will begin in Italy the official “Strike Back” tour  supported by our Netherlands Booking Agency  “Eternal Rock” that will provide Tour, Festival booking and management for the band  worldwide.

In the meanwhile we intend to shoot a second video clip for the track “Lonely Road” …a song  that is very emotionally significant for us.

What are the countries you have planned to tour in the promotion of  “Strike Back”?

We will start with Italy in October and then we’ll be all around Europe.

We are still working things out with our agency … but I think definitely the first shows will be in Italy, and then ancillotti band 4Germany, Holland and Belgium

How is Ancillotti going to take on with a world full of competition? What are your plans to mark a place for yourself?

We don’t care for this type of thing

We do our thing and we try to plan with our label the best way for us to increase our fan base around the world. We are proud of what we have achieved up to now and that we are finally able to tour the world with our music.

If you want to propagate something to the world through your music, what would it be?

Respect, Fraternity and Union under the same flag.

Thanks very much for taking the time for this interview. It’s a pleasure to have you in our magazine for this month. Do you have any message for  the readers?

Thank you very much Keith for the interview. I hope to see you sometime during the tour and  thanks to “Metalheads Forever Magazine “. We really appreciate your support! I’d like to thank the metal fans out there that will buy our album !

See you on tour and…Strike Back!!

by Keith Clement

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