A new beginning…Geir
I was lucky enough to become an admin when Metalheads Forever was just a small group. My friend and founder David Maloney had a vision. We were going be the biggest and most diverse music group for metalheads online. As this is written, we count 81599 members in our group. We have fans and musicians from all  of the genres in the metal universe. As many other groups, we have had our ups and downs. We lost people we loved to this terrible disease called cancer(RIP Werner). Some close friends suddenly found out they were going to start their own thing and gave us a “Shot Across the Bow”.  we almost had to build up the group from scratch again, but thanks to our loyal members it went faster than expected.
We are still here, stronger, more united and closer than ever. This groups admin team never says die. We are survivors and will continue to work hard to try and be the best and leading metal group.

Here you have the first issue of our new magazine. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. Its a magazine full of good articles, interviews, reviews and news on a more modern platform than our previous magazine. So, from a metalhead from the cold of Norway, enjoy the magazine and have fun in our groups.

Geir Olaisen / aka Admin BornStubborn

Senior administrator at Official Metalheads Forever. Writer/Editing Metalheads Forever Magazine


Disturbingly Good


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