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Zero Tolerance is a Death / Thrash metal band from Quillota, V Region, Chile, which is born and began its journey in 2010. Early in their career, the band began to play cover songs; as time went on the band members decided it was time to produce their own material and started the composition of their debut album.

The band was very well received by the Chilean scene after they played live for the first time.

Over 2 years the band went through a process of decision-making. In 2011, due to external causes, some complications occurred. By the following year in the mid-2012’s  things start to get serious. The band made several presentations on the local scene, as they have prepared  songs from their anticipated debut album, giving fans the best of the media and in turn expect the much acclaimed disc.

Since mid-2013 Zero Tolerance recorded their first debut album ‘ABISMAL’ consisting of 10 tracks, and the album as expected by the fans, was already available in February 2014.

I had the opportunity to talk to these guys and, above all, have a great and honest interview by this promising band of Chilean Death / Thrash Metal. Personally, I consider myself a big fan and follower of the band since I discovered their brutal material. They have a very original sound, are not only a common band of Death or Thrash, have the talent to give us a sound ranging from the roughest and fastest Thrash to the heavy and dark Death by mixing and harmonizing speeds to the point that it is highly difficult to pigeonhole in only one of these genres. What you see on their album ‘ABISMAL’ is the fusion of Death / Thrash Metal with very noticeable aspects of Groove, which gives a touch of powerful attitude that envelops anyone.

It is my pleasure with Metalheads Forever Magazine, to have this opportunity to chat with Zero Tolerance and thus become better acquainted with these guys that are revolutionizing the genre. No more for the moment, let’s start rocking.

Hello brothers, first of all, I want to thank you for your interest in working together and rock out with Metalheads Forever Magazine and for letting me make this interview and get to know more about each of you and ZERO TOLERANCE.

Being that the band started in 2010, How did the initiative to start this musical project come about?

First of all, thank you for the interest and strong support for our work. Well, we believe that this is born basically for the need to want to make music as that listen and with which we vibrate so much. Between acquaintances of school that were friends, together with mutual friends, we formed a band consisting clearly of friends and people known for many years, which is a good formula to make music, the rest has been happening step by step.

Let’s talk about the members of the band. How did you meet? and what is the role of each in Zero Tolerance?

Well, as I commzero tolerance bandented to you previously, we met through school and friends in common. Before forming the band, we were already friends and we enjoyed the same music so that derived to this. As for the participation of each one in the band it is something clearly shared. Although each one always has different opinions in some aspects, we always come to a consensus as for decision making, whether for music composition or some other decision.

It is possible to notice that the vocal style is very original in addition to those drum rhythms and aggressive guitar riffs give that brutal touch to the band, as a whole with Pablo Torres (Vocalist) did you decide to harmonize the vocals style for the genre you play? or is it an innate style of Pablo?

Actually it is an innate style of his. In a certain way it is very characteristic and we rescued that because it has helped us to find something that now we have very defined and that is ‘‘our’’ sound,  which sometimes for many bands is difficult to find.

Where did the name Zero Tolerance arise?

Since many people will know already and they have realized, this is the name of a song of the band Death, which for all the members of the band is a congruity point. Although we all have diverse influences, Death is a point of inflection where we all coincide, hence we decide to rescue this concept that takes us beyond only the name. For us Zero Tolerance means not to get trampled, battle against wind and tide, that even if everybody wants to see you defeated, they will not obtain it, because our attitude will always go straight ahead.

Who takes charge of the musical production of the band?

We, as a band, work in this direction with our producer and sound man Daniel Escobar, but is an issue that is purely as a band, no one is left out or excluded to give an opinion.

How do you describe your sound?

Metal! People can pigeonhole us wherever, Death / Thrash whatever, but before defining ourselves in a place, we just arrived and we do it, we just want to play and deliver music to all our supporters everywhere.

That wicked and brutal style of Zero Tolerance is what most marks the band on originality and creativity, and in turn makes it difficult to compare with other bands. This can be seen on the album ‘ABISMAL’, where I noticed that the songs have very good composition both in sound and lyrics, where did the inspiration to write and compose these songs come from?

Clearly it is what we live and see daily, although they are musically influenced from everywhere, as for the lyrics we can say that is what you see in today’s society, in addition to self-improvement, being able to shape that there is something beyond living day to day, wanting that the people extinguish a little it’s TV and open their eyes of the shit in which they’re tollerance

Let’s talk about ‘ABISMAL’. So far it is the only disk the band has made since 2014, and early its release was very well received by the fans how has been the support from the public from year to year?

In our view it has been great, however, the reception has been very good, physically acquiring material from the band, t-shirts, CDs, patches and also virtual, visiting our social networks, downloading material enjoying our videos, things like that, maybe even surprised us, but there are very faithful people who have surprised us coming from several sides to see us when we play, we take this opportunity to thank them all!

Personally I have to admit that the album is brutal and is one of my favourite at this time, worth noting that my favourite track of the album is ‘Abismal’. What is the track with more feedback from the public? And for us to know your own tastes, what would be the preferred(s) track(s) of the band?

It would be selfish if we name just a few, as the taste of people that attend our shows is very diverse, some shout “Slaves of Power” others “Abismal” but in fact most, if not all, have been to the liking of people therefore we prefer not to leave any song out and well, we like them all, so we try to play them all in our shows.

It may be noted that you are already covering international sphere and increasingly gain more strength in the scene, fans are eager to know if new material comes out soon, do you have any new projects?

Of course, we are working on new material, our second album is in the process of composition and we already have, prepared and defined songs, which we expect to deliver an advance before the end of the year.

The scene in Chile is very strong and active, and acceptance towards you is very good, have you played outside Chile or have plans to play outside your homeland?

So far we have not had a chance to play outside Chile, there are offers, but for money issues or incompatible dates we have been unable, as many of us study or work or both, sometimes we have schedule issues, we simply cannot, but desire remains.Although we want to manage to go out of the country, earlier, it would be cool to be able to finish our second disc, so fans from other latitudes have the opportunity to listen our material.

We hope so! Thank you for taking the time to chat and rock out with us Metalheads Forever Magazine, we appreciate your time and the truth is that in the future we want to know more about your upcoming projects! That been said, some final words for your fans?

More than anything, thank you for the willingness and interest in the band, this is a very complete work what you do, we really appreciate it and big thanks to all who follow us everywhere, Central America, South America, etc., even people who do not speak our language is dedicated to listening to our stuff and that’s wonderful, and stay tuned because we are preparing something new, be prepared! Thank you very much and see you soon!

by Fdez Ferdinand

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