Interview With Angeles

By Keith Clement

Hello guys, It’s a pleasure and honor to Interview one of the Iconic band, Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, how have you been?


Great Thank you.


You have been making music since 1977 for decades now, how has the journey been so far?


Like anything in life it has had it’s ups and downs but when you have a passion you rise above and do what is needed to be done and love to do and that is create music and entertain.


Last year you released two albums “Test of Time” and “Time Of Truth” was this a planned release that you wanted to do something for the fans?


We released “Test of Time” in March 3 days before our cd release party our singer then decided he wanted to go do his own solo project so we went and got a new singer Daniel Ferreira and added a few more new songs and re-released it as “Time of Truth” that is now on Dark Star Records//Sony Music


What is the plan for Angeles in 2019?


We are setting up a tour right now playing Las Vegas, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming and see what else comes our way.


Can you share some of the best moments of Angeles over the years?


There are so many but here are a few Sharing the stage with Ronnie James Dio, Bon Jovi, Motley Crue ,Metallica, Also played with Ron Bushy from Iron Butterfly at Devonshire Downs outdoor stadium to over 6,000 in attendance also Gary Richrath played 3 shows for the Make a Wish Foundation with Angeles; Recently we have shared the stage with Quiet Riot, Jake E Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel. Stephen Pearcy and Jack Russell’s Great White just to name a few.


From 2014 you release an album each year, can we expect the same in 2019?


Yes we will also be working on a new Album with a release date  in August or September.


The early years of Angeles there had been a lot of breaks in the career of the band, how did you guys overcome it and making music throughout all these years?


It all comes back to doing what you love creating music and performing it’s in your soul it never leaves you so you strive to do what you were put here to do and move forward and not look back.


Do you have a message for the readers and fans?


Angeles wants to thank all our fans that have supported us thought this amazing Journey you keep us going, striving to do our best every time knowing that we have your support keeps Angeles moving forward, thank you every one of you for your support.

MHF Magazine/Keith Clement


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