Dimmu Borgir Interview

Dimmu Borgir Interview

By Andrea Bermúdez

After over seven years from their last album the symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir returns with their tenth studio album EONIAN via Nuclear Blast. Its drummer Dariusz “Daray” Brzozowski granted us the following interview for Metalheads Forever Magazine.


First of all thank you for your time and for taking our questions.


Thank you very much.


On May 4 you published a new album EONIAN, in life it is said that every process do not need to be forced: to what do you attribute the delay in the publication of the new album?


Delay? We played the last concert in 2014, the songs were made in 2016, in 2017 the album was already recorded and prepared for release. you must remember that after the album “Abrahadabra” we played and recorded two concerts with an orchestra, which required huge preparation.

Music does not arise in a factory, it comes from within, from the heart. It has to come naturally and not be forced. Art needs time. We played many concerts until 2014. Four years have passed since then, but we needed to take a break, think about things, change some of our colleagues.


What were your biggest inspirations going into this album and what do you want to tell through EONIAN?.


We talking about the time, which is the guiding idea of “EonianÓ.

Time is something different for us and something different for our fans. It is related to everything that surrounds our new album: both instrumental and textual. In addition, each of the listeners can pick up the contents of the album differently, on their own may try to come to what reality really is – on the one hand we are here, on the other, however, there may be dozens of parallel realities in which something is happening other and which interact with ours somehow. That’s what the lyrics on our new album are about. Of course, only in outline, in the end we do not want to spoil the surprise.


The cover artwork was designed by Zbigniew M. Bielak (who also works with Ghost, Behemoth, Mayhem). Do you consider that the cover artwork of the album reflects the essence of what you want to express with EONIAN?


At first glance, the cover creates a primitive impression and contains many details. And these details make her beautiful. Looking at her you can find a lot of metaphors and symbolism. He really succeeded.It seems to me that it represents the album’s content very well. This combination brings the mood that we wanted to achieve for this album. I think it represents the album’s content very well. This combination brings into the mood that we wanted to achieve for this album.

have the chance of seeing two videos from EONIAN “Interdimensional Summit” directed by Patric Ullaeus (who previously worked with the band) and “Council of Wolves and Snakes”, which were the reactions of the critics and the fans about them?


Since 8 years have passed since the last album, there were many more people who considered themselves experts in the field of our music. Currently, commenting on social media is more popular than ever. There are both positive and negative statements about this album. At the same time, people do not know what the origin was, it is obvious. If someone spends so much time to write negative comments on forums or anywhere on the web, then we are not a problem, only this person has some personal problems.


The studio world and the live world are completely different worlds, has it even been difficult to reproduce any of the songs for a live performance?


Nowadays you can play the whole album at the concert without any major problems. We’re able to play every song on the live and it will sound better than on the album. Of course, the  and choirs will be from the sampler. We would like to play with the whole orchestra every night but for financial and logistical reasons it is not possible.


Apart from Dimmu Borgir you have an alternative project Dante. What can you tell us about it and how do you manage your time with both bands?


Few years ago, one of the polish famous theaters invited Lucas (the singer of Dante) as main character to an act ãOur HellÓ based on DanteÕs Divine Comedy. The band is a natural consequence of this story. Modern world is build on news. And in social media we called the band  ãDante NewsÓ because this is not only a band name. ItÕs a warning.

The music is old school thrash/death metal from early 90-ties, sometimes is inspired by “Killing Joke”. We try to mix our feelings and emotions, we don’t forget about our roots. We remember very well, what built our musical foundations.


Who or what inspired you to decide to be a drummer? In this sense do you remember the first song that you learned to play?


Band called EUROPE and song actually video clip for the song “The Final Countdown”. Still remember huge drum kit on the high drum riser. That was the impact, which provoked me to play drums.

Do you agree if I said that the metal worldview about Black metal has changed in the last years?


Of course it changed. The people who created it changed from the very beginning. These great musicians now have families. children, bills, etc. New metal bands are focused more on earning money. There is no more this…. I don’t know how to explain, strange energy in the air…..which was in 90’s.


If you could be granted three wishes related to Dimmu Borgir and your music what would they be?


The situation that is now with Dimmu Borgir is perfect. The new album has been received excellently by the fans and journalists . We have scheduled tour dates for the next two years. What more can I expect 🙂


Dimmu Borgir performs live all over the world. Are there any new territories where you haven´t been that you wish for Dimmu Borgir to explore?


I think, that ASIA is a new good market. Will see.


Do you want to add anything for your fans?


Thank you to everyone who supports metal music. See you on the tour

MHF Magazine/Andrea Bermúdez