“Fleshgod Apocalypse” INTERVIEW

“Fleshgod Apocalypse” interview By Andrea Bermudez

Previous to what will be the presentation in Uruguay and the Latin American tour by the hand of IDL Entertainment, the Italian band of symphonic death metal Fleshgod Apocalypse had the kindness to give us the following interview. With a present that finds the band with changes in its integration and many plans are coming, Fleshgod Apocalypse interview with Francesco Ferrini. My name is Andrea Bermúdez, this is an interview conducted on behalf of Metalheads Forever Magazine.

This is the first time that you will be touring in Latin America, in this opportunity you will be touring with Septicflesh, which are your expectations for this tour and in particular about the show in Montevideo next 17 of october?

It’s our fourth tour with Septicflesh and we must say that we get along very well! They’re talented musicians and great human beings, so we’re definitely excited about this tour. It’s our first time in Montevideo so we’ll give all ourselves to deliver an unforgettable show to all our friends there.

Will your setlist be mainly dominated by your new songs or you will include songs from all your career?

Our setlist is always a showreel over all our musical career, but there will be many new songs.

You the biggest critic of your own work, or do you feel confident that your last album “King” is everything you wanted it to be?

We’re always our WORST critics, of course. We always say our best album has yet to come, but we’re definitely happy with “King”

In which concept is based your last album, what does “King” represents?

“King” is a concept album about an imaginary court, set in an undefined time and space. The King represents moral integrity, strong old-fashioned values and honor. Other characters around him, however, are pretty much defined by their immorality, viciousness or even depravity. Each one represents a different human quality (greed, luxury, ambition or other) and has his own song on the album.

In the time of composing new songs which comes first the orchestral part or the death metal aspect?

We usually consider ‘modern’ instruments, such as guitars, drums and bass, as part of the orchestra itself. So we always aim towards the best possible arrangement developing everything at the same time. Sometimes the first, basic idea comes from a riff, some others from a melody on the orchestra or a chord progression. It really depends on the part.

Do you agree with the fact that if some of your members do not have any knowledge in classical music Fleshgod Apocalypse would not sound in the way in which you do?

I think our love for classical composers is more important than our own academic path. Technically, we know what they did, but it’s not enough. Everyone can study classical composition, or orchestration, and get an A grade. But being creative and develop your own style is much more difficult in my opinion. As Einstein once said: imagination is more important than knowledge.

Are you working in new material?

Yes, we’re working on the next album already

What else does Fleshgod Apocalypse have in store for the future? Any other shows, tours, or gigs lined up?

We have a great tour in Japan right after South America. Then, next year, we’ll be playing at Inferno Festival in Norway. We’ll keep working on the new album and schedule the next recordings.

When you are not on tour what do you like to do?

Everyone in the band keep their own hobbies and passions. Personally I’m a movie and TV nerd. I also like fitness and technology in general.

It seems that you play a lot of attention to your look who is behind of all this stuff, who advises you in this sense?

All our ideas come from ourselves on that regard. But we are very open to suggestions and we never stop learning.

I always like to ask this to bands to expand my own horizons, but also to turn readers onto new acts. What have you been listening to lately? Any new bands that you think deserve some more attention or classics that have been stuck in your head?

I listen to any kind of music, but lately I focused a lot on romantic orchestral music. Especially from Russia (Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Schostakovich and others). I’ve also been listening to the newest album from Leprous, called ‘Malina’. I think it’s mind-blowing!

What is the best and the worst thing of being on tour?

Best? Being on stage. Worst… Probably boredom during the day inside the backstage.

A lot of bands nowadays have their own beer or wine, but you have your own pasta and wine, what have made you decide to venture into this subject?

Well, we needed something new and somehow fresh. So we thought that wine, and especially pasta, were two typical Italian products. And nobody else had thought of that before, at least in metal.

I’d like to thank you for your time. Do you want to add anything for your fans?

Thanks to you too. I hope they’ll enjoy the show, we are looking forward to it!

Andrea Bermúdez/MHF Magazine