Interview With Allen Key

The Next Best Thing From Brazil

Could they be the next best thing from Brazil, Well the analytics prove through their release of “The Last Rhino” that they sure can be the next.

Allen Key is a São Paulo band that has been getting excellent repercussions from their singles “Goodbye”, “Straw House”, “Granted” and “Love You More”, which immediately won over critics and fans of Rock and Heavy Metal.

They released their first studio album “The Last Rhino” On September 24 worldwide, The album is one of the best to be considered in the year 2021.

It was my pleasure to have Pedro and Karina for an Interview with Metalheads Forever Magazine. Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.


1. The Last Rhino (3:47)

2. Straw House (6:52)

3. Love You More (3:16)

4. Illusionism (5:17)

5. Granted (3:09)

6. Mr. Whiny (3:46)

7. Goodbye (5:41)

8. Flourish (6:06)

Music Videos

The Band

Karina Menascé – Vocals

Pedro Fornari – Guitars

Victor Anselmo – Guitars

William Moura – Bass

Felipe Bonomo – Drums

Allen Key On The Socials






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