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Blacktop Mojo
Blacktop Mojo
August 13, 2021

Blacktop Mojo the Palestine, TX rock band has been storming with amazing music since its debut “I Am” in 2014. Followed by 2017′ “Burn The Ships” and 2019 release “Under The Sun” followed by the EP in 2020 “Static” On August 13, 2021 they put up their fourth full length album which is self titled.

Self titled albums for instance 99% has always had a higher probability of success. But here I ain’t talking about success but the album is fabulous and crafted well and musically engineered to the height of awesomeness.

The 12 tracked album is sure going to rock the hearts of the listener, each song is done amazingly and beautiful produced and brought to perfection.

Wicked Woman, songwriting was phenomenal and musical progression and the groove that drives the song is something amazing.

And talking about Bed Tundy, the darkness and power of the song takes a ride into the serial killing madness of Ted Bundy.

Latex soft and hard blended with a touch of mellowness and melodic makes it yet another beauty to this album.

The intro riff on “Rewind” is something that whirls into your brain to get into the rhythm.

And you are driving on the long road “Jealousy” is a song to get into the mood. The Song has the power and i simply call it the song to go on the long drive.

The Interlude “Make Believe” is something really nice with those flamenco sound, simply awesome.

“Darlin I Won’t tell” is something magical, Oh man my heart was simply taken away with the amazing vocals and the musical progression.

Stratus Melancholia, Is simply mesmerizing, powerful, grungy, musically awesome, the song has a bit of rawness and vocals and music just flows.

“Tail Lights” the final track of the album that guitar intro, the classic, probably will be my lullaby for the night, Its simply awesome to listen to, pleasing vocals, the mellowness and the slow progression of musical work is fantastic.

To talk about the album in complete, this is going to be on the book of rock. A great album as a whole, this is not a pick a track, this gotta be listen in the old school way, Listen to the album in complete and enjoy the musical journey with Blacktop Mojo.

The Band:

Matt James – vocals (2012–present)
Ryan Kiefer – guitar (2012–present)
Chuck Wepfer – guitar (2018–present)
Matt Curtis – bass (2015–present)
Nathan Gillis – drums (2012–present)


1.Wicked Woman 
2. Bed Tundy
3. Latex
4. Rewind
5. Jealosy
6. Make Believe (Interlude)
7.Darlin I Won’t Tell
8. Do It For The Money
9. Hold Me Down
10. Cough
11. Stratus Melancholia
12. Tail Lights

  • 10/10
    Album - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Songwriting - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Musical Progression - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Cover Art - 8/10