UKKO is the second studioalbum by the Finnish metal band ATLAS. On the 11 new tracks the 5-piece from Tampere presents a new sonic palette and steps into a new direction for the band. For UKKO, ATLAS drew inspiration from Finnish folk music and poetry, combining these influences with the dark soundscapes and dynamic songwriting for which the band is already known. Lyrically and thematically UKKO explores themes of death, healing, rebirth and faith, presented in a seamlessly blended mix of English and Finnish.

The album is mixed and mastered by Buster Odeholm (Vildhjarta, Oceano, Humanity’s Last Breath, Born of Osiris) who was able to bring his unique approach and sound to the album.

It was a pleasure to talk with the band on the new release and much more, Check out the below YouTube Video on the complete coverage.


  1. Talvi
  2. Synti
  3. Taivaanranta
  4. Susi
  5. Ukko
  6. Henki
  7. Lehto
  8. Veri
  9. Joki
  10. Uhri
  11. Pohjannaula

Line Up:
Patrik Nuorteva – Vocals
Leevi Luoto – Guitar & Vocals
Kevin Apostol – Bass
Tuomas Kurikka – Guitar & Vocals
Aku Karjalainen – Drums


Disturbingly Good


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