Interview With Conor Riley Of “Birth”

Life and death appeared to me ideal bounds, which I should first break through, and pour a torrent of light into our dark world” – So wrote Mary Shelley in Frankenstein, arguably the first science fiction tale. A full 204 years later, the quest remains – how best to elucidate our daily lives with some form of inspiration that moves the spirit beyond its earthly shackles?

This is the current realm of Birth, San Diego’s most transcendental new band and purveyors of a form of vibrant and electrifying progressive rock that moves beyond time and space itself. In ‘Born‘, their debut for Bad Omen Records, the listener is invited on a magic-eye journey through a Castenadean realm in which colours and sounds warp into kaleidoscopic dimensions.

Yet far from the trappings of retro chic and fashion-aligned classicism, these five celestial serenades stake their claim in a different headspace to most other exponents of the form. Certainly, it’s true that many of the audial shapes manifesting themselves here – the exploratory jazz-rock diversions, Mellotron and Hammond-abetted textures and the rich melancholia of the song-writing – may recall moments from progressive rock’s past and the listener may be forgiven for losing themselves in a gatefold-sleeved reverie. Nonetheless, this is a band which was thrown into life via the constrictions and temporal shifts of a global pandemic, as well as one which has largely set about chronicling a reality in which the surrounding world appears to be hurrying its own demise.

It was my pleasure to have Conor the frontman of the band to talk on Born and much more, Check out the Interview on the YouTube video below.

Born Tracklist

  1. Born
  2. Descending Us
  3. For Yesterday
  4. Cosmic Tears
  5. Another Time
  6. Long Way Down

The Band

Conor Riley: Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Brian Ellis: Guitar / Keyboards
Trevor Mast: Bass
Thomas DiBenedetto: Drums

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