Interview With EchoSoul

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the head, how are you doing today?

Wonderful, thank you for asking

Your debut album “The End of Darkness” was out in April 2020, can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

Well, most of the songs were written that year with the exception of Cobwebs which I wrote years earlier, just did a little rework to lyrics and arrangement.  I recorded all guitar work to a click first, including bass on most of the songs on that record, then sent it upstream for vocals and drums to be done etc.  Final production was done by Artem Efimov.  He is actually from ukraine and is currently fleeing the bombing out there now while he’s trying to mix our next album.  Praying for his safety. 

Was there a concept put behind the album?

Not completely on that one, but most of the writing seem to explore the battle of the mind and the darkness we face in life and in war to different degrees, so felt it appropriate to be called “The End of Darkness” since it’s a battle cry of sorts.  

Are you working on new materials or planning to get back to the studio?

Always, I have 15 songs in the bag and writing more, the second album I actually finished writing and recording the Guitar and framework for mid-year last year, just waiting on vocals to finish still.  Joseph Michael from Witherfall and Sanctuary came on board to sing, but I have had to work around his schedule with the other two bands.  That’s okay, because the songs will be a whole level better, I think.  JM is a different singer that RL, I absolutely love Robs voice, but on this one, I went a bit heavier tone, and explored my Loomis/Schuldiner influence a little more.  I think his voice really fits well with these songs so far.  If for any reason, JM couldn’t finish, Rob already sung 3 of the songs already and would finish in his place and Id be happy either way.  I can’t wait for fans to hear this one. I wrote from the heart, mostly very personal subjects, as well as things that are very current of our political atmosphere.  

With Pandemic Situation were you able to tour to promote The End of Darkness, or you currently on tour?

No touring at all, it released right as Covid hit, and there was no way, especially as a new band.  We were invited to some festivals early on that cancelled their shows. That’s okay, I’m more about the music and studio and writing now more than anything.  I’ve lived my life and experienced a lot, so I don’t need the rockstar life.  If the music takes off and people love it, then that’s a blessing, but my main pursuit isn’t the fame, its making quality music that I can be proud of.

7 track of metal awesomeness is how i feel about the album, as a band how do you feel about the outcome?

First off, thank you very much, that means a lot.  I am proud, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, people around told me I should out the music out there, so I did, and glad I did just that.   I wasn’t sure what to expect, obviously we did no real press or marketing, and released independent. But everyone we have come across that has heard us seems to be a fan for life, so that really means a ton!!!!

You brought a lot of guest musicians on the debut, how it was like working with them?

I absolutely love collaborating, I think more than anything else.  Making music with other great musicians is one of my life’s highlights. Working with Pros is easier to do then I ever expected and never have to do retakes lol.  I’ve been able to collaborate with one of my favorite guitarists on the new album Andy LaRoque, and being able to play with people like Giamp, Joseph and Ripper is nothing I would have imagined happening 10 years ago.  

Can you tell me how EchoSoul was formed and how you guys met together to form the band?

Well EchoSoul was my baby,  It really kinda started from the ashes of a band I started called Apparition,  the name of the band just didn’t really rep what style we did and seemed more like a thrash name, and I was writing the song Where Echoes Go and thinking about the scene in Gladiator where he tells his army “What we do in life echoes into eternity”  well that was exactly my frame of thinking when I write especially lyrically, Most songs come from the Soul, so putting those two words together was like PB and Jelly.  Most of the old bandmates were off doing other stuff and I wanted to do original music and make an attempt at at least putting out what was flowiing through me, hence bringing on some hired guns for the other rolls.  I wasn’t about to let distance prevent completing an album and asked if the others would give a listen to what I wrote and want in, and all I got was yes.  Ripper probably would have done the whole first album, but he had a tour with the Three Tremors and Dio Disciples coming so was only able to cut 3, and that’s when someone sent me a clip of Rob and he had the perfect voice for what I pictured for the songs. The rest is history.  “Time of The Dragon” our next release is being done in similar way, I couldn’t be any happier, however I do have permanent members locally that could tour now as well.  Randy and Tyler joined last year and have been a Godsend as far as being able to practice the material in a live setting.  

Can you share some of the great moments since the start of the band?

I just did really LOL, the collaborating with upper echelon musicians is my highlight!!

How has the reach of the band on a global scale?

Overseas is where we got our largest response, somehow Europe and Germany really love us, without any advertising or zero publicity, I have no idea how we came in Top 10 as new metal band for 2020 out there!  Beating out two bands I think are superior to us, wow.  Very humbled.  We actually have a publicist this time around and will actually be pushing it like a regular act in US this time, so very curious how we do when US finally hears us.

What would be the future looks like?

Bright for next two years, I still have tons of material and riffs in me and tons of guitars to play,  I will write until my hand locks up, literally,  I am currently on borrowed time, as my hand needs major surgery which my limit my playing the rest of my life, I had a bad hand brake and it’s really put my fret hand in bad condition and it’s been degrading over last couple years, so I am pushing out as many songs as I can until the arthritis and nerves of my hand give up.  I need a ½” of bone cut out and there’s no guarantees on dexterity or feeling after.  So I am avoiding surgery until the last minute.  Right now, I foresee 3 albums in me almost done for sure.  We will see after.  

Finally, what would be the message for the fans and readers?

Thank you, and we love you guys.  I am humbled to see the music has reached you and hope to continue making better music through the years to come!!!

  1. Where Echoes Go
  2. Crucible of War
  3. Elemental
  4. Melody of Misery
  5. The Alchemist (Man of Madness)
  6. Cobwebs of the Mind
  7. Hangman (A Roman and the Cross)