Interview With French Black Symphonic Band “ETWAS”

Greetings with Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, How are you guys doing today?

Silver : We are fine, thank you so much! It’s a pleasure to talk with you.

September 1st, You released your debut full length album “Enochian Keys Chvpter 1” Would you like to tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

Silver : We composed this album in 2020 during the pandemic era. It was very sad for all of us to work because, in France, gathering and so rehearsals were forbidden. We worked in home studio the most. I remember I saw many many movies about esoterism, vampires, witches and so on. And Victoria and myself, we talked about the new style of ETWAS. We wanted a darkest sound, an cinematographic ambient, based on the deepest story of our existence. Of course, joined to other mysterious subjects from each other.

  1. Purgatory
  2. The Mark of the Goat
  3. It’s Alive
  4. No Candle to Ignite
  5. A Forked Tail and Horns
  6. Infernal Flames
  7. Philosopher’s Stone
  8. The Baphomet Cult
  9. In A Dreary Coffin
  10. You Nephilim

Is there a particular concept that was put behind the album?

Victoria : Not really a concept but subjects that put question. Things about mysteries, dark myths, occult legends. We are very fond of these kind of subjects and as these themes are many, we wanted to speak about them in our tracks. Each song deals with à different subject : invocation of evil, necromancy, witchcraft, divination, communication with the dead… Always in a tale form, told by an external narrator. 

10 Mind Blowing Symphonic Metal with heavy fusion of Black Metal, Crafted with amazing musicianship and mesmerizing Brutal and Melodic Vocals makes it sound perfect, and an enjoyable experience to listen to this record. How do you feel about the outcome?

Victoria : Thank you ! It took a long time to compose the songs, to find and write the lyrics, to create every line of these stories. We are proud of the result because it is the perfect reflection of our imagination put into music. We all worked on the record, and it is heartwarming to hear the final one. They are so many influences, taken from books, movies, music we admire. We wanted something special, something that came from the deepest ourselves, and I think we did it. 

Any plans to come up with an Official music video from this album?

Silver : We are working on it ! I think, maybe, around 2023, we will release more videos about this album. 

Did you guys do anything special on the day of the release on September 1?

Victoria : We enjoyed a lot telling people that, after all these months of work, it was ready at last ! And, as a respectable metalhead musician, we drank a good beer to celebrate this new born album.

Any touring plans for the end of 2022 and 2023?

Silver : Yes, we prepare some gigs around mid-2023. The first show starts in February.

Will There be “Enochian Keys Chvpter 2”?

Silver : Of course!! We want to continue to talk about historical or even mysterious subjects with precision. This will require extensive documentation and it will be really passionate.

Formed in 2017 with an EP “Behind The Veil” in 2020 and your debut Full Legnth in 2022, how has the road been for you guys so far?

Victoria : We explored more and more. “Behind the Veil” was our very first music experience together even if each member already had some band or release before. And we enjoyed a lot creating it. But, for us, even we really like this EP, it was too shy for us and we wanted to show what we were able to make. It became heavier, darker, faster… We put everything we love in this 2022 album. And we hope the road will keep us on for long !

Would you like to tell a bit about ETWAS, how it all started and how you guys got together as a band for the metalheads who are new to the band?

Victoria : As I can remember, I always wanted to get in a metal band. I don’t play any instrument well even I tried to, and I decided to use my voice. I wrote on dedicated musicians websites that I was looking for a band and I met Silver in this way. He had a symphonic metal project with some tracks we wanted to bring to life, even he had his own band. Florian also had a band but joined this project. We worked a lot on the EP. But we didn’t have a drummer. During the composition of Enochian Keys, we searched for a drummer and Clement joined.

The alchemy matched for us because we became close friends.

Would you like to share some of the highlight moments for the band?

Victoria : It would probably be the moment we listened to the final mastering. We were so spechless. It blew our minds, it was incredible. 

What are some of the upcoming plans for the band?

Victoria : A new album, or course ! More videoclips and shows.

What would be the biggest dream?

Victoria : Sharing the stage with big names of metal music and getting some notoriety. It would be really great to go out from shadows.

Finally what would be the message for the fans?

Keep listening to us on CDs, on YouTube, on streaming plateforms. Keep sharing our music, it is the most important to us. To make people as happy listening to it as we are.

The Band

Victoria (Vocals) / Silver (Guitars) / Florian (Bass) / Clement (Drums)

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