Interview With Incursion

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement, How are you today?

This is Maxx Havick. I’m doing great. Thanks for speaking with me.

Your debut Full length album “Blinding Force” to be out on November 11, can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

The album was produced by the band and Chris Short, who engineered the Hunter EP. The writing was handled mostly by myself and Michael with some lyrical help from a friend of ours Steve Bailey.

Was there any concept behind the album?

No concept for this one, but we tried to make a record that felt cohesive. We hope you get a broader idea of what we can do musically from what we did on the Hunter EP.

Nine mind blowing heavy metal awesomeness, with great vocals, amazing musicianship with good old classic touch to the songs, how do you feel about the outcome of this album?

Thank you for the kind words. We are very happy with the record. There’s obviously a handful of things we would’ve done differently, but we are learning with each recording. It’s been good to have Chris Short and Jorg Uken to stay on board with bringing their expertise to what we do. They are helping us tremendously in terms of getting the ideas we have in our heads onto the record.

Do you have any special plans on November 11 on the day of the release?

We premiered the album on Anderson Tiago’s NWOTHM- Full Albums YouTube page and we have a limited colored vinyl version.

How’s the touring plans look for the band?

We hope to have some touring sorted out very soon!!!  Stay tuned!

The history goes back to 1982 with demo on 1984 and the band went on a long hiatus and great comeback after decades in 2020, How do you feel about this huge comeback and how does it feel to make music again with Incursion?

It feels great! We’re making music that comes naturally to us, so it’s going to be interesting to do shows because we’re all in the same place and we don’t have Covid lockdowns. 

What would be some of the highlight moments for the band?

Finding Dan and Robbie to solidify our line-up. Getting Marcos Miller to do the artwork. Being listed in the music of the year for the Hunter in 2020 on a few music writer’s Best of Lists.

How as a band do you look into the future?

Being able to tour soon! We’re also working on riffs for the next album. So far, the riffs are taking us in some interesting directions.

What would be the band’s biggest dreams?

There’s currently a handful of bands in the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal circle that are mentioned as being the tops in genre. We’re hoping we make music that gets considered to be in that league. We’re hoping we create something that people think is our own sound and are into what we do.

Any plans for an official music video?

We have lyric videos for Fade to Black off of The Hunter EP and Running Out from Blinding Force. They’re both a bit more animated than standard lyric videos, but we may be doing a performance video very soon. 

What is the message for the fans?

Thank you for your support. We hope to see you on a stage near you! If you haven’t heard us yet, please check us out!!!