Interview With Italian Alternative Metal Band “Violet Blend”

Photo Credit : Angelo Mura

Violet Blend are an Italian alternative metal band, featuring extraordinary vocals, rich sonic power, and unbridled energy. Founded in 2014, Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano) was joined by Michel Agostini (drums), and next, Ferruccio Baroni (bass), in Florence, Italy. Known for culture and fine art, many believe this city was the birth-place of The Renaissance, and while famously populated, its musical community is ironically lean and tight-knit. Therefore, it is not surprising that these four talented musicians knew each other long before the release of their debut album White Mask, which received high praise from audiences and critics, both locally and abroad. 

Demons by Violet Blend was released worldwide on April 1, 2022. The full-length album contains thirteen tracks, all cornerstones for the theme of ambitious yet contradictory facades, and each song is represented in the cover-art as masks of demons from every culture in the world, stemming from Greek mythology, Chinese tradition, and Dante’s literature, to the Aztec Empire, Celtic mythography, and African rituals, etc. 

The new single “My Head is Broken” (April 28th, 2023) is a powerful new hard rock ballad featuring a guest vocal appearance from Virginia post-hardcore vocalist Tired Violence. The song embraces feeling numb and fear of being happy, while describing the confusion surrounding moments when you felt wrong, unfit, and so damaged beyond repair. To everyone else though, everything seems to be fine because the deepest wounds are never visible on the surface. In the music video, a woman leads an investigation into a mysterious disappearance. Her house is covered with maps, newspaper articles, photos, notes and clues. This desperate and spasmodic investigation represents her search for herself. She is lost in the mental fog and confusion and cannot heal from the pain. The cover art represents a transorbital lobotomy, used to treat psychiatric diseases in the early 20th century, transformed people into docile, absent, numb individuals with little emotion or intellectual abilities. 

It was a great pleasure to talk to Giada and Ferrucio on My Head Is Broken Single, The road the come so far and all the plans that they have on mind, It was an extraordinary chat with these awesome guys, Check out the complete coverage below.

Photo Credit : Tyler Morris

The Band

Giada Celeste Chelli (lead vocals, piano & orchestration)
Ferruccio Baroni (bass)
Michel Agostini (drums) 

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