ONEFROMTHENORTH Sets Out His Plan For ‘Regime, Salvation & The Pyre’

The Regime, Salvation & the Pyre is the third full-length album by OneFromTheNorth. The album contains ten songs that mix electronic with metal music. The Regime, Salvation & the Pyre includes different types of songs with OneFromTheNorth’s touch and trademark. A listener can hear black metal vibes in most songs, but also more common aspects of electronic music. Vocals follow the same path as the sound as there are both vocal styles in the album – growl and clean ones. The growl vocals are a part of the black metal style, as the clean vocals give a contrast to the songs and the entire album.

The album’s lyrics deal with the current world full of injustice, fear, disappointment, war and suffering while also taking on a broader perspective, for eks. on various societal issues. The songs of Regime, Salvation & The Pyre are also partly personal and excerpts from own life, where different societal pressures, stress and anxiety, are part of everyday life.

The song composing started in 2021 and the first taste from the album was Silence And Me, released in 2022. The single was a good cross-section of the album as the vocals were harsh and the sound and the music were more electronic and could be heard in the club, for instance. The album is composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by McKeenan.

01. Church Burner | 02. Menial | 03. Despised By Love | 04. Regime, Salvation & The Pyre | 05. Self-deception | 06. A Slave To Self-deception | 07. Blood Covered Pidgeon | 08. Pariah Of Reality / King Of Fantasy | 09. Silence And Me | 10. Under The White Phosphorus Rain

Regime, Salvation & The Pyre | Released June 13th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

OneFromTheNorth is:
Mckeenan – Everything

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