Interview With Jon Davis Of “Conan”

Bow down and hail CONAN, as England’s doom metal masters strike back again: Following their much acclaimed 2018 full-length, Existential Void Guardian, and their Live at Freak Valley record released just last year, the trio’s fifth studio album, Evidence of Immortality, is out now on Napalm Records!

CONAN’s new magnum opus overruns you like a steamroller. The British kings of brutally heavy slowness push their down-tuned axes and cranked pedals to the limit, crushing ears and minds when huge, rumbling chords and malevolent riffs muscle their way in over lances of infinite distortion and drums that pummel and thunder like the hands of a god against the gates of hell. As previously released album singles proved, CONAN are the masters of their craft, while Jon Davis spits his lyrics over the uber-synchronized power chord changes and tempo shifts of the unholy trio of bass, drums and guitar. 

It was a great pleasure to have Jon Davis on the Interview, Check out the awesome Jon on the below YouTube Interview

Evidence of Immortality track listing:
01. A Cleaved Head No Longer Plots
02. Levitation Hoax
03. Ritual Of Anonymity
04. Equilibrium Of Mankind
05. Righteous Alliance
06. Grief Sequence

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The Band

Jon Davis – Guitar, Vocals
Chris Fielding – Bass
Johnny King – Drums

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