Interview With Legends | Napalm Death’s Barney Greenway On MHF Magazine

Napalm Death, a band that was formed way back in 1981, in West Midlands, UK. The band is a pioneer in the grind core genre and have been making amazing music since its inception and still one of the best band out there.

With 16 albums in their sleeves, the band has been live and wild in the UK and has been stormed the world with their awesomeness.

In 2020, they put up their 16th album “Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism” a killer album with powerful and refined, with amazing songwriting and to be honest the band has been growing more and more awesome with each album.

It was indeed a pleasure to chat with the Iconic Barney Greenway the Vocalist of the band. Check out the below Interview on YouTube below from the man the legend himself.

  1. Fuck The Factoid
  2. Backlash Just Because
  3. That Curse Of Being In Thrall
  4. Contagion
  5. Joie de Ne Pas Vivre
  6. Invigorating Clutch
  7. Zero Gravitas Chamber
  8. Fluxing Of The Muscle
  9. Amoral
  10. Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism
  11. Acting In Gouged Faith
  12. A Bellyful Of Salt And Spleen


  1. Feral Carve-Up
  2. A Bellyful Of Salt And Spleen
  3. White Kross
  4. Blissful Myth

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Napalm Death – The Band

Mark “Barney” Greenway – Lead Vocals
Shane Embury – Bass, Backing Vocals
Danny Herrera – Drums
John Cooke – Guitars, Backing Vocals

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