Interview With Love And War

Love And War Interview

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith Clement the editorial head, how are you today?

I’m great Keith, thanx for asking !

In 2020, you released your album “Edge Of The World” can you tell me about the songwriting and production behind the album?

My guitar player and partner in crime, John Adams and I, wrote the material, some of the songs John already had pieces of guitar part ideas for, some he already had mostly written, some I had lyrics and music ideas for,  usually I would ask him if he had an idea for a concept or chorus that would give me something to work with, then I’d start scatting a melody and came up with the lyrics, then we would take it to our rehearsal room and Ray Soliz our Bass Player Extraordinaire and Donnie Bragg our Drummer, The Thunder from Down Under, both excellent musicians would weave their magic into them bring them to life and Walla, EDGE OF THE WORLD was born.

 The production part of the album, we turned to Mr. Greg Gill (Endeavors Studio). Greg is an amazing guitar player in his own right and song writer, he has a great ear for the music and is a wizard behind the recording console. Greg had helped us produce and master our first album UP THE ANNIE, we knew he was the one we wanted for this Album.  Greg is now also a much welcomed member of LOVE and WAR.

What was the concept that was put behind the album?

On the last album we chose a WW11 fighter plane, a play on the all’s fair in love and war thing, it seemed a good visual for the cover art, so we went with that same idea for the second album and chose the name of the CD from the title track EDGE OF THE WORLD.

Are you back into the studio again, do you have plans for another album this year?

Not at the moment, but John has already sent me some music ideas from him and Greg , so hopefully that will happen, we shall see!

Can you tell me how Love and War started and how you guys got together?

John and I had been together as band mates and co song writers for years since 1982 in other projects, we hooked back up to do reunion show from a former band in 2000 and had so much fun we decided to start a new project. We had always written well together it sort of clicked.

What are the touring plans that are currently in schedule?

We’re currently staying more regional, playing around Texas… Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, with the whole Covid thing going on it’s been more than a little dis heartening, we have a couple of National shows coming up, opening for some big acts so things seem to be loosening up again.      

How do you look into the future of the band?

We’re going to keep doing what we do, playing hard rock, recording our songs, and playing live as much as possible. 

What would be some of the big moments that you had?

I’d have to say some of the sold out shows we’ve had opening for bands like TESLA, RATT, NIGHT RANGER, honestly the list has gotten so big now I’m sure I’d forget some, but it’s just amazing getting to share the stage with guys you grew up listening too and talking with them after the shows, watching sound checks. 

What would be the biggest dreams for the band?

Hopefully we’ll get over to Europe and Japan, that always been a goal.  

How has the musical journey been for Love and War so far?

It’s been a long, fantastic trip, I haven’t regretted or would trade a day of it.

How is the reception on a global scale?

Honestly, It’s been very good!  Thanx to Magazines like you guys and internet radio stations, we’re getting heard all over the world .. England, France, Italy, Greece, Germany, Holland, Japan, Australia .. and all over the States. We can’t thank you guy’s enough for all your support and love we’ve gotten, it’s very humbling.

Finally what would be the message for the fans around the world?

Keep supporting your local bands, they work hard to get noticed, and keep Hard rock alive and back into the mainstream. Thankyou all again for the Love and support it doesn’t go un noticed .. Keep Rockin !!!