Interview With Nicholas Turner Of “Psionic Madness” & “Nothing Is Real”

A crushing yet highly complex offering of progressive dissonant deathgrind that balances aggression, technicality and atmosphere.

The strongest offering to date from this underground supergroup featuring members of Acausal Intrusion, Vølus, Maggot Crown, Feral Lord, Out of the Mouth of Graves and numerous other projects.

The unholy triumvirate of the US underground scene return with yet another offering of dissonant deathgrind. However, this time they bring with them more progressive and experimental flare, vastly expanding the bands sound and range. 

As the trio have proven time and time again, whenever they combine their extensive talent and experience, a raw and powerful, yet innovative and technical album is set to follow. This is no exception; in fact, it feels as if the band has refined and developed its sound to a point never heard before. 

The album’s themes focus on the horrors of a post-apocalyptic wasteland and the effects of post-nuclear radiation on humanity. These themes of horror and suffering can be felt in the music itself and are perfectly captured by the album’s incredible artwork.

Monstrously powerful cavernous vocals can be heard bellowing over dizzying drum work performed at breakneck speed. This is paired with highly dissonant, yet impressively complex and technical guitar and bass work. Each element plays off the other and each is performed with the highest level of technical proficiency. 

The complexity of the release should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the careers of these three individuals. Each has countless years, projects and albums under their belt and all of that experience is on full display with Rotting Dominion.

It’s a great pleasure to have Nicholas Turner to talk on Psionic Madness & Nothing Is Real and the release of the albums “Rotting Dominion” & “The End Is Near”. Check out the awesome Nicholas on the below Interview sharing information on the releases and much more.

Track Listing:

1. Necrotizing Miasma (07:10)
2. Brain Scorcher (05:55)
3. Abyssal Onslaught (05:09)
4. Mutated Natural Selection (04:31)
5. Observance (04:22)
6. The Decadence of Near Extinction (04:54)
7. A Nuclear Twilight (08:01)

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The Band

Vocals / Lyrics – Justin Vølus
Guitar / Bass – Nicholas Turner
Drums – Jared Moran 

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Nothing Is Real

A monstrous offering of progressive doom, sludge and black metal.

Prepare for two massive drummers behind the kit, disturbing synth drone sections run through a loud amp and live recording sessions at ear splitting volumes.

Released independently on October 31st.

Like someone ranting on a street corner, The End Is Near preaches the end of days and welcomes it with fervor. Nothing grows continuously and all things must die. This album is an acceptance of this fact and the fact that humanity’s current course cannot be sustained, and most likely not repaired either. This album is about accepting our true nature and accepting that all things must come to an end. And the only ones who will be saved amidst this glorious and hellish rapture will be the ones who realize.

Two massive drummers behind the kit, disturbing synth drone sections run through a loud amp, live recording sessions at ear splitting volumes, from prog to black and doom, this album seeks to encapsulate THE END in all of its glory and bring the true believers to rapture and the mundane to extinction.

Track Listing:

1. THE (Intro) (3:45)
2. THE (Pt. 1) (7:54)
3. THE (Interlude) (01:02)
4. THE (Pt. 2) (08:04)
5. END (Intro) (03:24)
6. END (10:29)
7. IS (Intro) (3:21)
8. IS (08:44)
9. NEAR (Intro) (03:29)
10. NEAR (Pt. 1) (05:07)
11. NEAR (Pt. 2) (07:11)

Nicholas Turner returns with yet another genre blurring, boundary pushing offering with his latest opus, The End Is Near. 

What makes this particular album unique is the addition of not one but two drummers, with Jeremy Lauria and Jared Moran both on the kit. Adding to this already monstrous level of sound are thick and powerful synth elements that are sewn into the fabric of the album.

As always, the album combines a wide range of elements, tying together everything from black and doom metal, to sludge, psych and prog metal. These varied styles are woven together seamlessly in complex arrangements, slowly evolving, and unfolding right before the listener’s ears.

As can be expected from NIR you’ll find complex song writing, unusual time signatures and wild unpredictable riffage. Moments of psyched out airy instrumentalism give way to harsh and heavy segments without warning in surprisingly smooth transitions.

While every artist hopes to be able to say this about their work, this may be NIR’s masterpiece. The sound is immense, the music complex and there is zero filler to be found. Whether you’re a long-time fan of the project or a newcomer, there’s plenty here to love.

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