Solemn Vision was founded in the depths of Brooklyn NYC. Kicking off strong in 2019 with the critically-acclaimed, yet local and grassroots release of their debut self-titled record, the band quickly found themselves playing around New England, Montreal, and the rest of the Mid-Atlantic metal circuit.

Over the years, the 5 piece powerhouse has built up a fearsome reputation in the science for their rare ability to be able to consistently deliver high-energy, interactive live performances which perfectly balance unadulterated musicianship, with world-class showmanship and stage presence demonstrated time and time again, leaving a trail of packed out venues and spellbound audiences in their wake.

The progressive death metal act Solemn Vision has released of its highly anticipated new album “Despite The Rise Of The Sun”, which was out on October 20th via Black Lion Records.

It was my pleasure to have Aaron Harris on the Interview to talk on Despite The Rise Of The Sun and much behind Solemn Vision. Check out the complete coverage on the below YouTube video.

“Despite The Rise Of The Sun” track listing:

01. Father From The Flame
02. Avarice
03. Gates
04. A Debt To The Wraith
05. On The Eve Of Silence
06.Sea Of Trees
07. Bane And Benumbed
08. Unfinished Tapestry
09. The Cerebral Labyrinth
10. Unfinished Tapestry (Acoustic Version)

Music Videos

The Band

Aaron Harris – Vocals
Kadin Wisniewski – Guitar
Mauricio Cornejo – Guitar 
Anthony Rafferty – Bass 
Carlos Crowcell – Drums

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