Interview With Soren Andersen & Mika Vandborg Of Electric Guitars

The brainchild of Soren Andersen of the Glenn Hughes Band, and Mika Vandborg who has worked with many huge artists including Justin Hawkins of the Darkness, this talented pair are well known as much sought after session musicians as well as live performers. Soren Andersen is also a world-class producer and engineer, owner of Medley Studios in Copenhagen, and has been called ‘the new Mutt Lange’.  In Electric Guitars this dynamic duo turns their talents to their own project.

November 12th will see the light of the release of crashing Electric Guitars 4th Studio album “Freewheeler” where they take classic rock on their own style to storm the hearts of fans.

It was my pleasure to talk to the amazing Soren and Mika about the upcoming album Freewheeler and much more.

Check out the below YouTube video for the complete coverage.

Freewheeler Tracklisting

  1. Dopamine
  2. Hot Blooded Woman
  3. Nervous Breakdown
  4. Zero Four
  5. Going Out
  6. Incoming
  7. Cut Loose
  8. Freewheeler
  9. The Rainbow
  10. Welcome History

Music Videos

The Band

Mika Vandborg: electric guitars (left side), lead vocals
Soren Andersen: electric guitars (right side), lead vocals
Peter Kjobsted: bass, backing vocals
Morten Hellborn: drums, backing vocals

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