Interview With Sweden’s Inge Johansson Of “Gatuplan”

Photo Credit : Diego Aldabaldetrecu

GATUPLAN’s new album “Välkommen till underjorden” (Welcome To The Underground) brings a wild mix of punk, power pop, ska and garage rock to 2023! It’s a logical musical progression from the 2021 debut “Kampen Går Vidare!” (The Struggle Continues!) where strong, catchy songs meet edgy lyrics – but turned up a notch this time!

With no intention to reinvent the wheel, GATUPLAN’s music echoes of the music that inspired from the get-go – in GATUPLAN you can hear the influences from the pop sensibilities of the mighty RAMONES, the groove of RANCID and SPECIALS, the attitude and edge of EBBA GRÖN, THE CLASH or PUBLIC ENEMY. But there’s no ambition to become a retro or a concept act – GATUPLAN strives to make music for the here and now, and for the future to come.

The idea behind GATUPLAN comes from Inge Johansson (Swedish bassist known from bands like THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY, AGAINST ME!, CRYSSIS and CSS) who is going solo with a very well put together backing band. Jouni Haapala (PERKELE) plays drums and percussion, Simon Dahlberg (DE LYCKLIGA KOMPISARNA) plays guitar, Lars Ekman (STILETT) plays keys and Anna Philipsson (KNUGEN FALLER) adds amazing vocals. The album was written and produced by Inge Johansson, recorded, and mixed by Stefan Brändström at The Dustward, Gamla Stan in Sweden. You can also hear saxophones played by jazz legend Jonas Kullhammar, and Dennis Lyxzén does a fantastic guest vocal appearance on ”Kidsen från provinsen”. This is also the first time since the break up of  THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY that Dennis and Inge are back recording music together!

Welcome to the underground, where the future is punk – LET’S GO!

It was a great pleasure to have Inge on the Interview to talk on the new album and much more on the road, The complete Interview is available on the below YouTube video.

Ni kan inte stoppa oss nu
Kom över
Sympati för djävulen
Kidsen från provinsen
Amerikanska mardrömmen
Framtiden var bättre förr
Högern har inte musiken
Umeå Hardcore
Bättre stil Rudy
Välkommen till underjorden

Photo Credit : Diego Aldabaldetrecu

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