Interview With The Amazing Nick Voss

Nick Voss is not new to the World, He stormed the stage of the popular TV Show “The X Factor” 10 years ago, not only he put up an amazing performance, he had taken millions of hearts around the world with his vocals.

Songwriter / Vocalist  Nick Voss has a unique Pop Lush Sound &  classic RNB vocal stylings.

He was greatly inspired at the young age of 5 years old when he discovered his love for Music Legend “Elvis Presley and garnered international recognition in 2011 performing his song “Trouble” on the hit TV show “The X-Factor”.

On May 15th Nick released his cover of “ Wicked Games” debuting his collaboration with producer Nathan Walters.

It was my pleasure to have Nick to talk on Wicked Games and much more, Check out. the amazing man on the below YouTube video.


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