Interview With The Iconic Vocalist | David Reece

Davide Reece the legendary American Vocalist has been one of the known Heavy Metal Vocalist since the early 80’s and he is still storming the world with his amazing music.

He has been the vocalist for Accept in the 1989 album “Eat The Heat”. Later on he formed the band Bangalore Choir.

He also worked along with Bonfire for sometime. and started working on his band and been the vocalist for Wicked Sensation.

He has come a long way with a great history of music, there were ups and downs, but he stormed like a fire and rocking the world with his awesomeness.

Earlier this year he released “Blacklist Utopia” a follow up to the predecessor “Cacophony Of Souls” which came out in 2020.

2021 also be the year with Wicked Sensation’s “Outbreak” which is scheduled to be out on December 17.

It was my pleasure to have David Reece on an Interview to talk about the new albums, the past, the future and the road he travelled.

Check out the below YouTube for the awesome Interview with the most amazing “David Reece”

rack listing

  1. Utopia 4:50
  2. Red Blooded Hell Raiser 3:38
  3. Down To The Core 4:06
  4. Civil War 4:42
  5. I Can’t Breathe 3:29
  6. Most Of The Time 3:28
  7. American Dream 4:14
  8. Before We Fade Away 3:46
  9. Hindsight Is 2020 4:18
  10. Devil At My Doorstep 4:27
  11. Save Me 5:06
  12. Highway Child 3:56
  13. Book Of Lies 4:54

Total running time: 55:00

1.Mission Timewalker
3.Child Of Sorrow
4.Light In The Dark (feat. Gus G.)
5.Satisfy Temptation
6.Breaking Away
7.Face Reality
8.Hide Away
9.Jaded Lady
10.Step Into The Light

Music Videos

Wicked Sensation are:
David Reece – Vocals
Michael Klein – Guitars
Sang Vong – Guitars
Mitch Zasada – Bass
Alex Hlousek – Drums
Bernd Spitzner – Keyboards

Instagram : Wicked Sensation Official (@wicked_sensation_official)

David Reece Band


David Reece (vocals)
Andy Susemihl (Guitars)
Malte Frederik Burkert (Bass)
Francesco Jovino (Drums)