Interview With The Most Amazing Don Mancuso Of “Lips Turn Blue”

PHOTO: Carla Coots

Don Mancuso- Guitars, backing vocals
Eric Bieber- Keyboards, backing vocals
Michael Mullane- Bass, backing vocals
Roy Stein- Drums & percussion
Iggy Marino- Lead & backing vocals; keyboards, guitar

In Memoriam:
Phil Naro (1958-2021)- Lead & backing vocals, guitars

Lips Turn Blue is a prime example of how the human spirit can always endure if it so desires. One might say the band which a growing number of industry insiders and music fans are recognizing as a brand new act with a very bright future, has a past that reaches nearly four decades. Rising from the ashes of a popular upstate New York band called DDrive during the Covid 19 Pandemic, the group transformed itself into LIPS TURN BLUE (LTB) with original songs that would eventually become its debut album.

It was my pleasure to have Don for an Interview to talk about the debut album and the history in music, and much more, Check out the most amazing Don on the below YouTube video.


  1. Just Push
  2. Build My Castle
  3. Pray For Tomorrow
  4. Sit Up
  5. Better Than I Used To Be
  6. Miles
  7. Chain On Me
  8. Crazy In Love
  9. Blood Moon
  10. No Need For You To Call
  11. Hey Bulldog
  12. Life’s Crazy Ride
  13. A Little Outside

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