Subatomic Strangers Release New Single And Music Video Special Satellite

Subatomic Strangers Release New Single And Music Video Special Satellite

A song about breaking free from all negative thoughts that haunt us day to day.

Belgian synth rock group Subatomic Strangers have released their new single and music video Special Satellite. The formation’s catchy synth melodies, spacey guitar riffs, tight basslines, groovy drums and soothing vocals open up a gateway that will lead you to another dimension! Sometimes we just feel alone, like we are outsiders, as if we don’t belong anywhere, like a satellite out in space. And when we’re feeling down, we just want to close ourselves off from the world…according to the band’s statement: never give up!


Subatomic Strangers are based in Roeselare, West-Flanders, Belgium. They bring you synth-rock and new wave, so an all-round eighties vibe is very much alive! 

Sharon Braye – lead singer and synthesizer                        
Arne Stroobant – drums and vocals 
Jonas Vanelstlande – bass              
Nicholas Vermeersch – guitar, synthesizer and vocals