Interview With The Selfish Cales

By Keith Clement

Greetings from Metalheads Forever Magazine, I’m Keith, how are you guys doing?

Hey there, thanks for the invitation! In these days we are busy with some press feedback around our latest album, and we’re very glad about it. But we also started to work to what will come after “Haapsalu”, with some new compositions that we are assimilating in our rehearsal room.

“Haapsalu” was released in October, how is the overall reception and how do you feel about the album in its entirety?

We are satisfied especially about the feedback from the web: many interviews arrived in the latest weeks, and some gratifying reviews especially from Italian webzines. In the latest days, also the first feedback from the country protagonist of the album: Estonia. I’m very tenderhearted to the feedback that come from there, due to the crucial relevance that Estonia had in the conception of this album.

“Haapsalu” is the town in Estonia, does it refer the same thing in your album?

Of course: there’s only one Haapsalu in this world! 🙂

Haapsalu is a small town in the West Estonia, facing the baltic sea, with a population of about eleven thousand inhabitants. The album also refers to the capital – Tallinn – and widely to Estonia (Baltic Memories), and I find that most of the album is permeated by sort of that particular Northern Spirit.

What is the concept behind the album “Haapsalu” would you be interested to tell about it?

Well, I discovered Estonia (and, consequently, Haapsalu) through one of my nightly searches on Wikipedia and Google Maps, around uncommon countries and Regions in Europe; I’ve always been charmed by countries from the Northern and Eastern Europe, especially around the Baltic Sea. All started just out of curiosity!

That curiosity led my to plan my summer holiday in Estonia, three years ago, with also a short excursion to Finland (Helsinki) by ferry. That journey gave birth to the album, starting by the intense mood that aroused me: a deep sense of calm and harmony. Haapsalu in particular: it has a magical spirit, full of romanticism. It was a renowned summer resort during the XIX century and, despite the loss of that kind of massive tourism through the centuries, it keeps a surprisingly unchanged elegance and gracefulness.

How do you guys feel to work with VolcanoRecords/Alpha Omega Management?

We are glad about our collaboration with Volcano Records: they are a bucking and brave reality in the Italian Music scene. While most of the Italian labels are addicted to ephemeral and trendy sounds, Volcano Records remains faithful to authentical Rock and Metal artists.


What are the upcoming plans in 2019 for the band?

We’ll continue to accompany the promotion of our new album mainly, and start with new compositions: these new compositions are the firsts that involve directly the new line-up! Some gigs are scheduled for the next year in the north-west of Italy, and we hope to expand our live activity in the future.

How was “The Selfish Cales” born, and please tell us about the band?

Basically, the Selfish Cales were born on 2010, thanks to a lucky meeting between me (Andy) and Gabriel Cale, which was the founder and historical frontman of the project. The project started from a Garage Rock-oriented sound, evolving through the years in a more psychedelic and articulated sound.

This was made possible especially by the introduction of keyboards in the line-up (Hammond Organ, Electric Piano, Mellotron, Clavinet) and the Indian Sitar, featured in two songs of our second album “Throw Your Watch To The Water” (Record Union, 2015).

During these eight years we released two EP’s (plus one spin-off cover EP), two LP’s and various videoclip available on Youtube, plus about seventy gigs (mainly in the north of Italy).

There was a big lineup change that happened in 2017, was there any impact or the band really needed this change?

Yes, the actual line up was born about two years ago. During the summer of 2016 the previous line-up disbanded: I was the only member left of the project, because of the professional needs of Gabriel (he’s also a cook), and…Sarah, who was also my girlfriend, became the ex-girlfriend few months later. In any case, two happenings not related! (laughing, Ed. )

In fact Haapsalu, our latest album, has been recorded before the line-up break happened in summer 2016, and was yet recorded by the previous line-up: me, Gabriel Cale (as drummer) and Sara Gregori (bass).

I wish many years of collaboration to my actual bandmates, with whom I’ll perform the new songs live and I have already started the composition of new songs: Peppe Floridia (Bass, vocals), Luca Zanon (Drums), Alberto Rocca (Keyboards, vocals)

Thanks so much for your time with us, Would you like the share a few words for the fans and readers?

Thanks to all the people who spent some first feedback and their appreciation during this first period from the release of Haapsalu! To everyone else, you can find all our discography in the main digital stores and in our website. A new single from the album will be released in Youtube at the end of this year!

I would also like to thank to Enrico Basso, one dear friend of mine, who gave a huge contribution to this album playing all the keyboards. My thanks to Estonia itself, of course, and thanks to my girlfriend Marzia who is super-skilled in English and always does a grammatical revision of what I write, as in this case! 😛

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