Interview With The Sound That Ends Creation

The Sound That Ends Creation is a one-man experimental mathgrind project from Allen, TX. It was created by Chris Dearing in early 2016.

The project has released 5 full-length albums, “We Are The Burden” in 2016, Fitting Through The Crawlspace Between Rhyme And Reason” in 2017, “Roses, Thorns, And Dead Unicorns” in 2018, “Music Designed To Give You Ideas… Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas” in 2019, and “Memes, Dreams, And Flying Machines” in 2020. The Sound That Ends Creation also released a split EP with Russian mathcore band Focusrights in June of 2021, which is called “Intercontinental Split”.

The project has morphed from a more straight-forward mathcore project into the insane jazzcore / mathgrind project it is today, including piano, trumpets, and saxophone in it’s musical assault.

Now the project is gearing up for it’s 6th album, “Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers”, which will release on November 5th of 2021. This album sees The Sound That Ends Creation stepping up the complexity of it’s sound by focusing on separation of the instruments, introducing polyrhythms, and bringing back the movie and TV show samples the project is known for.  Lyrically, the album focuses on the darker parts of our society while putting a comedic spin on it.

This album attempts to push the boundaries of extreme music. Leaving the listener’s head spinning and a smile permanently plastered on their face. This is sure to be a listening experience unlike any other.

It was my pleasure to speak to Chris the mind behind the creation. Check out the below YouTube for the complete coverage.


  1. Jivin and Vibin
  2. Just As You Have Planted Your Seed, I Will Plant My Seed In You
  3. Get Your Shirt Off, It’s Pervert Time (F. Cameron McBride)
  4. Stops Frequent Urination, Causes Explosive Diarrhea
  5. I’m Sorry, I Can’t Hear You Over The Sound Of How Wealthy I’m
  6. I Hate Ice, I Don’t Even Put It In My Water (F. Carson Pace)
  7. I Tried To Be A Programmer, But Couldn’t Hack It
  8. You’re A Loose Cannon, But You Get Results (F. Kate Davies)
  9. What’s The Difference Between A Politician And A Flying Pig
  10. When I Take Out The Recycling, I Look Like A Raging Alcoholic
  11. It’s Going To Be A No From Me Dawg

Released On : November 5, 2021