Interview With Turkish Doom Death Metal “Sermon”

Merhaba Cem and the boys @ Sermon, how are you doing today? I’m Keith the Head of Metalheads Forever Magazine?

Hello Keith, everything is fine here. We have finally completed the recording of the vocals for the new album and we are looking forward to release it and to meet with our listeners.

You recently revealed 3 amazing songs Posthumous, Requitement and Destined To Decline from your upcoming album, Can you tell me about the work on the album and production behind it?

Thank you so much Keith. It made us so happy to hear that you liked our songs. Sermon was not active for a long period of time. Nearly 2 years ago when we met with our guitarist Durmus in a local gig, he convinced me to reunite the band and we have decided to write new songs. At the same time we were searching for a vocalist and when Harun from Forgotten joined us we returned to the metal scene to continue producing music with a stronger line up. Since the 90s a lot of changes occurred musically in Doom Death Metal and other genres as well. We have concentrated on orientating to this and worked really hard to present a good album to the listeners. Now we have completed all the recording process of the album that will be released soon and we are really curious about the impact it will make on the listeners. In fact we were planning to release two singles for the promotion of the album but then we have decided to make it three to give much more opinion lyrically and musically.

Any expected date for the release of the album?

We are planning to release it in September hopefully.

Was there any concept that was put behind this album?

The concept behind the album is generally about the havoc and deperdition caused by nature and mankind correlatively. The artefactual destruction of nature is causing a retaliation and mankind is helpless about it. Nature is taking its revenge as an answer to the harm made by humans. And there is no escape from that because you can’t compare the strength of nature with anything. Not every track is about the same issue, in some songs we also speak of some different things such as cosmic facts that lead to annihilation and also about some disputes or dilemmas between ideas and perspectives.

You have signed with Earache records, how do you feel about it and how is it working with them?

We had a contract with the Digital Distribution Platform of Earache Records. We haven’t signed with Earache Records for the printing of the album as a physical release. When we have sent our promo songs to Earache, Digby -the founder and managing director of Earache- reached us at the same day and told that he liked our songs substantially. He invited us to the digital platform of his label and we agreed on it. They will release the whole album digitally when it is completely finished. It is an honour for us to take part in one of the biggest labels in the world metal scene. They have brought in so many major bands to the scene that we all know and listened to throughout the history. Working with them is wonderful and and they are helping and supporting us in every manner. At the moment they are not printing new releases physically but we hope that we can make it together in future.

Are you currently touring?

Unfortunately not because the album isn’t released yet. After the release we think that we can get offers from local or international promoters and organisers. They can get in touch with us anytime.

Would you like to share with the readers and metal fans around the world about Sermon and how it was formed and the music that you’ve been creating?

At first, Sermon was found in Izmir/Turkiye under the name “Moon” in 1995. Moon have released a demo tape titled “Moonlight Invocations” in the veins of Doom Metal at that era. Moon disbanded because of some personal problems and me and the other guitarist of the band have formed Sermon in 1997. We have released a demo called “Cosmic Prisoner” at the same year. After two years we have released another demo entitled “Sea of Meanings”. This demo had pleasant feedback locally and internationally, and made us get known in the scene. Throughout the years there had been some changes in the line up and we have recorded some songs until 2004. These songs were mostly in the veins of Gothic Metal and they were not released. Sermon have ended their musical activity in 2004. And after a long period of silence, we have decided to return in 2021.

Sermon was formed back in 1997, and had some demos and went to hiatus in 2004 and a good comeback in 2021, how has things been since the new beginning of the band in 2021?

Everything is fine and getting better day by day. We have found out that it is never too late to get back. This is all about spirit you can always stand up and say “I am here!”. Since music does not mean a ‘time killer’ to us, we gave as much as we could and told people that we are still here. While doing that we shaped our musical genre by following the recent developments and conditions. We believe that things will be better for Sermon and hope to get a nice feedback draw more attention in the scene when we release the album.

What would be some of the upcoming plans for the band?

First of all we are planning to release the album that we were working on for almost 2 years. Then we wish to meet people who support and listen to us at live shows. Apart from these, time and conditions will show how the plans will work in future. But regardless of what will happen, Sermon will be continuing to compose and perform music.

How does the future look for the band?

With regard to the feedback that we got throughout the world for the singles released, it seems that we are taking firm steps and we are in a good way. Of course it is like that just for now, but after the release of the album, the listeners and our supporters will shape whereabout we are going to be. We believe in our music and hope that we will be at the level we deserve to be.

Would you like to share some great moments that you had over the years?

The most honourary moment we lived was the time when we appeared on state television and played our songs in the past. Everything was superb and it remained as a significant memory for us.

Finally what would be the message for the fans in Turkey and around the world?

We are really excited and happy that we will meet the listeners again with our new album “Till Birth Do Us Part” after a long time of quietness. By the way this is the first time we are announcing the name of the album to the public. We are looking forward to feel your support as it was in the past. And we have returned to remind people ourselves, if they forgot about us.

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