Interview With Wolfen Reloaded

Interview With Wolfen Reloaded

By Gothik Divaa

This time we have in “Metalheads Forever” the German Rock band “Wolfen Reloaded”, we will talk about their career and the album “Changing Time”.


Hello guys! Thanks for your time, How are you today? … first of all congratulations for your new album called “Changing Time”.


WR: Hi,thank you ! We appreciate it very much to talk with you on metal heads forever web-zine !!


So you started the band in the mid-eighties but you had a break in 1996 and then you came back in 2009 … right? 1) How was this return for you?


WR: Frankly said it was on the one hand lots of fun playing again and  making songs but on the other hand it was very hard to get connected to the music scene again . When you are gone for 15 years you have to start from zero so to speak.


Well according with your experience in the music industry … 2) How do you think the evolution of Rock has been nowadays? 

WR: Well, there are a lot of good new bands and good songs out there. But it is much harder these days to stay relevant as a band or have songs that outlast.


Talking about your musical career …  3) What has been for you the most memorable moment you have had so far? ‘

WR: Hm, this is hard to tell. Probably 2015 when we had the opportunity to support Operation Mind crime on a couple of dates during their European tour.That  was a fantastic experience ! We got to know  some of our all time musical heroes so to speak. Geoff Tate from Queensryche,John Moyer from Disturbed and Simon Wright ex DIO and AC/DC. This was almost unreal. Ah and also to mention  the sold out show we did together with “THUNDER” this year.  Awesome  !!

On the other hand you have a new material entitled “Changing time”, which was released on June 22, 2018, 4) How was the creative process of this work?

WR: Since it is our first full length album we had of course written the songs over a longer period of time. There is even one song from the early “Wolfen” days that we brought to new light. The songwriting process usually starts with a riff or a song structure from our guitarist Wolfgang and then we work it out together where everyone brings in his part.Except the lyrics which are written by me.


5) What was the concept of this album? 

WR: Well, it is not a full concept album but we wanted to have a connection between the album title and the cover. For us as a band it was a “changing time” when  our former drummer quit and Manuel came in. Also in terms of the times we live in right now the cover connects good with some of the tracks.


Talking about the fans and of course the media … I´m curious and I want to know more about this album so tell me 6) How the feedback with this material has been so far? 

WR: So far we have good feedback from the press and the fans.We got some nice reviews . So we are pretty happy with that !


I know that throughout your career well you have made presentations in different parts of the world, but if the band has the opportunity to visit a place … 7) What would it be and why? 

WR: It would be awesome to go to the states or south america.Great people and great countries.


And finally … 8) What´s is next for “Wolfen Reloaded” into the near future? 

WR: Currently our Italian label Volcano records is promoting the album while we are trying to get booked for some 2019 shows and  festivals. We hope the album gives us a little momentum.


Thank you so much for this interview for “Metalheads Forever Magazine”, Greetings from Mexico City, Gothik Divaa. 


WR: It was a pleasure talking to you ! Thank you very much. Greets to all your Mexican readers.


MHF Magazine/Gothik Divaa