The Return Of Real NWOBHM Legends | An Interview With Marquis De Sade

Formed around 1980 in the South of London, Marquis de Sade actively contributed to a movement that continues to influence so many bands worldwide. The band had split up around 1981 after which the members of Marquis de Sade joined other bands such as Angel Witch, Sanctus and Blind Fury. During the subsequent years, the material recorded by the band during its first incarnation became highly prized collector’s items.

Marquis de Sade reunited in 2020. Now, original members Chris and Pete Gordelier and Gary Pope are joined by Chris and Pete’s brother Pauly Gordelier (Thunder Road, The Leon Project) on guitar and by keyboard maestro Giles ‘Doc’ Holland (Abbey Road studios, editor). This line-up has breathed new life into Marquis de Sade’s classic sound – one that dabbles in various Metal subgenres such as Traditional Metal, Prog, Doom and Classic Rock.

Since the band’s reformation, Marquis de Sade have played at ‘The Abyss Festival’ in Sweden and ‘Keep It True’ in Germany and shared the stage with bands as diverse as: Geoff Tate (ex- Queensryche), Nifelheim, Razor, Whiplash, Kevin Riddles’ Baphomet and Spartan Warrior. More festivals and live shows beckon. These are indeed exciting times for the band.

Chapter II was out on July 28, 2023 and I had the pleasure to chat with Kriss Gordelier and Pete Gordelier on the new album, The Past and the future, Check out these amazing band and don’t forget to buy Chapter II, which is going to bring back the classic era in to your house.

Track listing Chapter II

  1. Belvedere
  2. Now I Lay Me Down
  3. Border Wall
  4. Fortress Of Solitude
  5. Marquis De Sade
  6. The Moons Glow
  7. Suspended Animation
  8. Last Survivor
  9. Living In The Ice-Age

The Band

Pete Gordelier – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Pauly Gordelier – Guitar & Vocals
Kriss Gordelier – Vocals
Giles ‘Doc’ Holland – Keyboards
Gary Pope – Drums

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