ADELLAIDE contemplates Syrian women and traditions in new music video!

ADELLAIDE, one of the greatest brazilian contemporary AOR/Melodic Rockband based in Sao Paulo has released “Girl From Syria”, their newest music video contemplating Syrian women and traditions, and a song taken from their upcoming album “Deja Vu”, to be released on July 29th by Danish label Lions Pride Music.

“Girl From Syria” features the beautiful guest appearance and performance of brazilian belly dancer Cristiane Tohmé Bannout Fairuza.

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Directed, recorded and produced by Rafael Agostino

According to the band, the music video for “Girl From Syria” came from the idea of the song’s theme that talks about Syria, valuing the importance of the country and its traditions that are spread to several countries through generations. Other themes addressed in the song are ‘The Arab Spring’, a well-known event in the Middle East, Saladin’s Castle, an essential part of the country’s history, and the popular greeting ‘Ma’a Salama’, which means ‘go in peace’.

The lyrics of “Girl From Syria” portray the idea of the search, day and night, for a girl from Syria, lost in another country with totally different traditions from hers. This girl is played by the artist and dancer Cris Fairuza, who besides the fact that she represents her dance as a teacher of this art, presents very glamorous Arabic dance techniques throughout the video and in certain parts she walks through the streets between Arabic tourist spots in the city of Sao Paulo, such as the Antiochian Catholic Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral, one of the sets of the video clip.

In the singer’s words Daniel Vargas“producing this video clip was wonderful! Working within the Melodic Rock musical style already puts us in a restrictive condition, because we have to work on musical elements already predictable by the public, so trying to compose a song with an Arab theme was not easy. As we couldn’t work too much on the musicality, we sculpted the plot of the song based on the history of this wonderful country, which has many descendents spread around the world spreading its culture”Daniel explains about the idea of the video’s plot saying that “Syria is one of the most politically unjust countries in the Middle East and is in serious danger of having its tradition fall behind with the passing of the years”.

The search for the perfect protagonist, that is, some dancer who was actually of direct Syrian descent, was complicated for the team. “We found many Arab descendants mainly here in the city of Sao Paulo, but precisely from Syria was very difficult. Luck was on our side the day we met Cris Fairuza, an extremely technical dancer, with immeasurable talent, who promptly accepted our invitation to represent her Syrian people. We were and are very anxious to see the reaction of the public with this song/video, and this incredible talent of Cris the ‘Girl From Syria’“, concludes the singer.

Tracklist and special appearances in “Deja Vu”:

1- Transcendence
2- Superfanatic
3- Without You
4- Girl From Syria
5- Unia
6- It’s Not The End
7- Falling Petals
8- Fell From The Sky
9- Time Riders
10- To Live Forever
11- Without You
 (Single Edit) (Bonus Tracks)

Deraldo Matos – Saxophone 
Marina Ammouri – Backing Vocals (Track 2)
Gigolette Angeline – Backing Vocals (Tracks 2, 3, 4, 9, 11)
Marcelo Naudi – Backing Vocals (Track 6)
Tito Falaschi – Backing Vocals (Track 8 )
Juliana Rossi – Lead Vocals (Track 8 )
Rod Marenna – Backing Vocals (Track 10)
Eddie Vantez – Backing Vocals (Tracks 9 & 10)

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Ed Omar Carabantes
Album Coordination: Chris Siloma 
Produced by Ed Omar Carabantes
Co-Produced by Chris Siloma 
Executive Producer: Carsten Nielsen
Front Cover & Layout Design by Joey Polycarpo
Layout Edited by Chris Siloma

All Songs Written and arranged by Adellaide

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Current Line-Up:

Daniel Vargas – Vocals
Leandro Freitas – Keyboards
Vitor Balconi – Guitars
Marcelo Naudi – Bass
Allan Juliano – Drums


“Adellaide” (EP/2016)
“Flying High” (Album/2017)
“New Horizons” (Album/2019)
“Deja Vu” (Album/2022)

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Picture by Daniel Vargas